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How Businesses Can Find Financial Security At A Time of Unprecedented Uncertainty.


It’s a word we’re now all-too-familiar with. It’s how the medical community describes the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s how politicians describe the challenges they face. It’s how central banks refer to their stimulus packages.

…And it’s a word that’s slipped into the title of this post, too 😛

But it’s an appropriate descriptor. And times of unprecedented …

Competitive Advantage Elitium

Every Business Needs A Competitive Edge. Elitium Has Three.

When you’ve been in an industry for years, you get to know it well. You understand how it works, who does what well, and what things could be done better.

Meaning that if a new technology comes along that could help with point three (the part about ‘doing things better’), you can quickly find a …

Elitium Business

Is This The Future Of Business?

The blockchain revolution never quite arrived. At least, it hasn’t yet.

In 2017, companies promised overhauls of nearly every industry, all thanks to this ‘groundbreaking’ technology. Promises spiked the market before everything came tumbling back to earth. Now, people’s confidence has been shaken.

At Elitium, we still firmly believe the blockchain can have a profound impact …


AMA: EUM Staking Launch on BitMart

We are very pleased to announce the upcoming Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the staking launch of Elitium (EUM) on the BitMart Exchange.

Join Elitium CEO & Founder Raoul Milhado this Wednesday, the 1st of July 2020, in the Telegram community of BitMart. Among other things, the AMA will include:

– How does staking on BitMart …

Things You Need to Start Blockchain Business

The Four Things You Need To Start A Blockchain Business

Starting any business isn’t easy. It takes passion, drive. And a fair bit of resilience against the constant knock-backs that force you to delve deeper and deeper to find the resolve you need to keep on fighting.

And that’s just when starting a business in a typical industry. 

Try to build a company in a relatively …


Staking for EUM is now available on BitMart

We are very excited to announce that staking for Elitium (EUM) is now available on BitMart.

Starting on the 1st of July 2020 users can stake EUM on the BitMart exchange and earn up to 6.5% annual rewards. Introducing this new way of staking EUM, we are opening the doors for experienced traders to trade …


Elitium Is Building A Digital Economy. What Does That Mean For You?

Elitium’s reason for being is to help our users ‘discover value.’

That could mean discovering the value of premium quality digital products. Or in using a staking program that rewards users for supporting Elitium’s network. The idea applies to everything we do.

Still, it boils down to a singular mission: to create an ecosystem of products …

Elitium Is This The New Normal In Luxury

Is This The New Normal In Luxury?

The Elitium founders have spent decades working in the luxury sector. 

Yet in that time, not much has changed. In fact, there’s only ever been one kind of normal — but not for much longer.

The Elitium app offers a gateway into everything Elitium. That is, it’s a window into a new world of luxury that …


Where Did Elitium Come From? And What Problems Does It Solve?

In 2017, Elitium CEO Raoul was working as Managing Partner of Boatsters – a digitally driven superyacht sales & charter company offering tailored yachting experiences across the world. Raoul and his team were discussing cryptocurrency’s meteoric rise, having seen several newly-minted crypto-wealthy become Boatsters clients.

After a little research, something caught the team’s eye.

Despite the …

EUM: What is it? And What Does it Do?

EUM: What Is It? And What Does It Do?

The Elitium ecosystem uses a native currency. 

A digital currency that powers cross-border transactions as well as efficiency-oriented smart contracts. That currency is a cryptocurrency, and it’s called EUM. But what is EUM, really? And what else does it do?

Let’s find out.
What is EUM?
Technically speaking, EUM is an ERC-20 coin. 

That is, it is a cryptocurrency …