Your Elitium Crypto Card to enter the World of Luxury

  • Spend EUM worldwide in 46m+ shops
  • No fees on transactions, deposits, or exchange
  • Enter Elitium’s exclusive lifestyle community
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Unleash your spending power — join the revolution.

The Elitium Crypto Card is more than a debit card. It’s a revolution.
A revolution in crypto. A revolution in payments. A revolution in how you live your day-to-day life.

The Elitium Crypto Card unleashes the power of crypto, meaning you can use EUM and thirteen other cryptocurrencies, anywhere that accepts VISA — that’s over 46 million merchants and countless ATMs, dotted across the world.

Unleash your crypto spending power, join the blockchain revolution.


The Only Crypto Card That Keeps Your Funds In Crypto

Most crypto cards turn your crypto into cash. They’re a glorified voucher. The Elitium Crypto Card keeps your crypto as crypto. It preserves the value of your currency, right up until you spend it, keeping the purchasing power in your hands.

Cashback on every purchase
Earn rewards on every purchase you make with your Elitium Crypto Card.
Smart global payments
Make instant payments 24/7. Whenever you want. Wherever you are. With the lowest of transaction fees in the market.
Simple to access
Access your funds with just a few clicks on the web from any device.

A Smarter Crypto VISA

Keeps your crypto as crypto
EUM stays as EUM until the point of payment

Pay anyone using crypto
Send funds to friends using emails or Elitium Crypto Card names

Virtual and Real Cards
Access a virtual card via the app or choose to use the real thing

Start Spending In Seconds

No bank account needed. No lengthy application. Just a simple, automated process to verify your identity. Then, it’s time for living.

Deposit EUM onto your Elitium Crypto Card in a few clicks
Grab a coffee anywhere you see the VISA logo
Get rewards on transactions to spend with Elitium

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  • Staking means holding your funds in a cryptocurrency wallet for a specified period of time. These funds are used by the network to support its operations, and for that, you get your interest rates.
  • Simply deposit EUM coins to your Elitium staking wallet and start making profits.
  • You can stake up to 100,000 EUM. Higher amounts are treated by request. If you want to stake more, please, contact us directly.
  • No, we do not impose any fees on staking. Users only have to pay a negligible network fee for uploading and withdrawing the funds.
  • Yes, you remain in full control over your funds even if you stake them in our system. However, if you spend EUMs for any third-party activities, your balance will change and so will the reward that you gain from weekly snapshots.

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