DeFi DeBrief #7 | Red notice 🚨


Welcome to issue #7 of the DeFi DeBrief, your weekly digest of the biggest news in DeFi.


Fed hikes rates ever higher
Stripe brings crypto payments to 4.4 bn workers
Interpol issues red notice for Terra Founder


Onwards 👇


Interest rates headed to the moon 🌕
Perhaps not a surprise, but still significant. Last week, the …

DeFi 101: What Is Aave?

Aave is a decentralised finance (DeFi) lending and borrowing protocol. The application lets people lend and borrow digital assets without using a central intermediary, enabling anyone to secure a loan or earn interest with little more than an internet connection.
— —

Stani Kulechov is an unlikely blockchain hero. In late 2017, he was still studying …

New This Week: NFT Farming Is Coming To Avalanche And Fantom

As we told you last week, “NFT farming is coming to Elitium!’

NFT farming is just yield farming in its simplest form. Buy an NFT, and our platform will harvest crypto rewards on your behalf.

We’ll share more details about the specific rewards soon. For now, just know that your NFT farmer will add your rewards …

DeFi DeBrief #6 | Wall Street embraces crypto 🗽

Welcome to issue #6 of the DeFi DeBrief, your weekly digest of the biggest news in DeFi.


Wall St. firms launch crypto exchange
Merge drops global energy usage by 0.2%
DeFi lender opens doors to institutions


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Schwab, Fidelity launch EDX Markets 💹
Wall Street heavyweights Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and Citadel Securities have announced the …

DeFi 101: What Is Compound Finance?

Compound Finance is a decentralised finance (DeFi) protocol that lets you lend and borrow cryptocurrencies without an intermediary. The decentralised application (dApp) works a little like a traditional savings account, allowing users to earn interest on idle assets.
— —

In the summer of 2020, the blockchain came to life. Users flocked to a new breed …

New This Week: NFT Farming Is Coming To Elitium

You’ve been very patient these last few weeks.

For that, we can only thank you. And to show our appreciation, we feel it’s only right that we give you a glimpse of what we’ve been working on.

A few months ago, inspiration struck. We could see NFTs earning an ever-growing audience, yet we felt frustrated by …

DeFi DeBrief #5 | Merged 💥

Welcome to issue #5 of the DeFi DeBrief, your weekly digest of the biggest news in DeFi.


Ethereum merge complete
Fidelity considers Bitcoin trading
Coinbase sues U.S. treasury


Onwards 👇

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Ethereum is now proof-of-stake ⚡️
The Merge is complete. 

Ethereum has moved from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS), meaning it now requires just 0.05% of …

DeFi 101: Not All Stablecoins Were Created Equal (A Cautionary Tale)

Stablecoins give cryptocurrency investors the best of all worlds: a low-volatility asset with high transactional speed, low transactional cost, and the ability to access decentralised finance (DeFi) services in a few clicks.
— —

Decentralisation has changed everything we thought we knew about finance. 

Where you used to have to deposit money with a bank to earn …

New This Week: ‘Powered By Polygon’

Last week, we hinted that we’re working on something BIG.

We’re still not quite ready to divulge the details, but we can reveal one aspect: we’ll be building the innovative solution on Polygon.

— ‘Why Polygon?’ you ask. Several reasons. On the one hand, Polygon has one of the most committed developer and user communities, so …