The market is in bad shape, but confidence is high here at Elitium. 

Our strategy has insulated us from much of the fallout. All the while, we’re moving forward and making great progress. That’s why we’ve decided to share weekly updates from now on — both here and on Twitter.

This way, you’ll get to read …

So You Want To Earn On Your Crypto? This Is Why You Should Consider Elitium.

Earning on crypto has become popular in the last two years. Platforms invite you to deposit your digital assets, and in return, they offer you very attractive APYs.

Platforms like Nexo have received particular attention by offering products that include crypto lending and borrowing, which are innovative ways for users to unlock liquidity from assets …

This Is How Elitium Can Become The Modern Bank Of Web3

Decentralised finance has shown the world what the blockchain can do. 

Generous APYs, instant collateral-backed loans, even self-repaying loans: this is what you can achieve when you remove burdensome overheads.

The challenge is — fully decentralised financial services only appeal to a subset of the world’s population. For the rest of us, there’s a peace of …

This Is Why You Don’t Need To Worry About Market Dips

Every now and then, all markets experience a correction.

That’s how market cycles work. We go through a period of building, which spurs investor confidence.

Confidence causes prices to rise, the media catches wind, and investors pile in as positive news fuels exuberance. But then things start getting overheated. And at some point, a negative news …

Covid Was A Time Machine For Digitalisation, We’ve Fast-forwarded 7 Years.

Within the first few months of the COVID pandemic, the way we lived and worked was turned upside down.

In-person interaction vanished overnight. And for over two years, most of our lives happened online, whether we were meeting friends and co-workers on Zoom or doubling down on our next Netflix binge.

So it’s little surprise a …

What Is A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), And Why Should You Care? 

President Biden recently signed an executive order in the United States, tasking his government agencies to create a framework for cryptocurrency regulation.

The news hit the headlines for several reasons, but one detail caught our attention. Biden asked his team to explore the infrastructure required to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC, for short).

Today, …

Crypto Loans: How Does Crypto Lending Work?

Traditionally, when someone wants to borrow money, they fill out a form, wait for the lender to carry out credit checks, and — hopefully — receive their capital.

The process can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and, more often than not, expensive. And that’s what’s given rise to cryptocurrency-based loans. Crypto loans allow people to lend and …

EUM Holds Firm During Troubled Times

Every market faces headwinds right now. Economic sanctions against Russia, in response to their unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, have put most assets under immense downward pressure. 

And the truth is: we’re in uncharted territory.

The conflict in Eastern Europe has accentuated the cryptocurrency market’s faltering start to 2022. But one thing we’ve spotted for the third …

November Report: Catch Up On What’s Happened At Elitium

If you had your eye on our social media in November, you’ll have noticed it was a monumental month for Elitium.

We not only partnered with one of the world’s biggest crypto brands. We launched an innovative digital art gallery in the metaverse powered by the Elitium NFT marketplace — and that’s not all.

There were …

Token utility

9 Ways EUM Helps You Get More From Elitium

If you’ve been using Elitium for some time, you’ll know all about EUM. But if you’re new to the platform, then Elitium’s native cryptocurrency might be somewhat of an unknown.

That’s why we’ve written today’s post: to give these new arrivals a quick introduction to our utility token. But even if you consider yourself an …