What is staking and how can I receive rewards with it?

In the light of our newly released staking program, it’s worth giving some more details on what cryptocurrency staking is, how it works and how EUM holders can benefit from merely holding their coins on their staking console.
Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake
Cryptocurrencies give a possibility to exchange value on a peer-to-peer basis without having to rely …

Elitium Card

Why the combination of credit cards and cryptocurrencies is the next BIG thing

First introduced by a Brooklyn banker John Biggins in 1946, credit cards have become the most popular means of payment nowadays. According to the New York Federal Reserve survey, 27.5% of respondents applied for credit cards over 2019. Slowly but steadily, cards replace cash, and not without a reason. They are lightweight, easy to …


How cryptocurrencies change the world of finance

New trends dictate new rules to all spheres of our lives, and the financial industry is not an exclusion. As the level of globalization increases in time, the old systems prove to be sluggish and inefficient. This is where new technologies step out into the light and offer an innovative solution.

Centralized banks and other …


Celebrating the Launch of Elitium Staking

The day has finally arrived. After months with our noses to the grindstone, Team Elitium is proud to release our very first product into the wild.

Introducing…. the Elitium Staking Program.

Finally, we can reward you — The Elitium Network — for your patience.

And you’ll be pleased to hear, it’s a reward worth waiting for: …


The Tether Conundrum – How to Avoid Value Instability and Drive Adoption

An air of uncertainty surrounds Bitcoin and the greater cryptocurrency market, as news spreads regarding Bitfinex exchange and prominent stablecoin, Tether (USDT).

New York’s attorney general accused the owners of Bitfinex of covering up $850 million of missing funds, using Tether reserves to cover customer withdrawals instead.

The news triggered an immediate dive in the price …


Three Things Crypto Projects Can Learn from the Rise of the Credit Card

When designing and optimizing new payment systems, sometimes it pays to look back and examine those that came before.

Once a revolutionary payment system, the credit card (formerly known as a charge card) provides an excellent case study.

Replacing the use of physical cash, the credit card provided a range of qualities that enabled it to …


The Secret to Adoption – Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

A common point of contention surrounding cryptocurrencies is the issue of adoption. After all, what use is a revolutionary new currency, if nobody will accept it?

Even Bitcoin, even after an entire decade of existence, still appears to struggle with this issue.

Cutting-edge technology? Great. A fully functional platform? Excellent. The greatest challenge, however, remains in …


How One Coin Is Setting The Standard For Insurance And Utility In Crypto

Insurance is an aspect of payment systems which is often overlooked in the crypto space. One of the benefits of existing payment systems is the ability to reverse transactions which are malicious or accidental in nature.

Due to its mostly irreversible nature, cryptocurrency in general has had very limited options for insurance mechanisms.

One rare example …


4 Steps to Creating a High-Quality Blockchain Project

As the number of cryptocurrency projects in the space grows, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand what a quality coin looks like.

The current crypto landscape is littered with garden-walled projects, coins with unfavorable token economics, or simply no incentive to hold or use them – aside from pure speculation.

Investors and developers alike are beginning …

The Orange Whale Yacht

Ultimate Monaco F1 Grand Prix Experience – The Sherakhan Yacht

On 26 May 2019, Elitium and Boatsters will draw back the curtain on a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The pioneers of luxury lifestyles are curating an exclusive experience at the prestigious Monaco F1 Grand Prix, inviting guests aboard the height of luxury – The Sherakhan Yacht.

Expect a full day of unparalleled delights in the most stunning of …