More Than an Art Movement

NFTs are the revolution. Elitium is here to help you discover, buy, and sell art in an entirely new way.

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Groundbreaking Artists

Revolutionary works from original minds


Limited Editions

Unique creations sold only through Elitium


Luxury Collectibles

One-off collectors items like watches and handbags

The Elitium platform makes the art market more efficient. In doing so, it makes more artists accessible to everyday investors. NFTs are integral to progress: in part, by verifying the provenance of works. More importantly, by automating the selling process, which will enable the new movement to really take hold.


Diversify Your Portfolio With Art

Art movements occur once in a generation. Here’s your chance to participate in the change of the art revolution.

Whether you’re an artist, gallerist, institution or collector, Elitium makes buying and selling revolutionary artworks both seamless and secure.

As artists continue pushing the bounds of media, they delve into the digital world. Artists promote originality and need you to join the digital revolution.

But they need you to join the revolution.


Buy And Sell
Original Artworks

Browse exclusive artworks
from prestigious artists
  • Discover curated, eclectic, original works
  • Bridge exhibitions with the blockchain
  • Enjoy a user-friendly consumer experience

Elitium makes art buying easy. Find a piece, place a bid, and sit back until the auction ends.

Bid your way to
a masterpiece
  • Works like an online auction
  • Bid in your preferred currency
  • Prove provenance and ownership on a secure blockchain

Buy original works in minutes through a secure platform that keeps every party safe, no regardless of the size of the winning bid.

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Building A Better Art Market As One

Elitium has partnered with GDA Capital to bring NFTs to our wealth management platform. GDA has helped us secure internationally acclaimed artists, turning the marketplace into an industry-leading exhibition space by connecting niche technology to renowned art.

Meet GDA Capital

GDA Capital is the capital markets arm of the GDA Group: one of the most established blockchain firms in North America.

GDA Capital is a strategic partner of Elitium, and we’ve been working together since 2020 to help everyday investors understand the value of blockchain-based assets.

See Our Artists Network

The GDA Group has a global network of 300+ family offices, providing them strong contacts throughout the art world.

They work closely with high-end art dealers (such as EO ART CONCIERGE INC) and collectors to attract 10 acclaimed artists to the platform, who will exhibit in excess of 50 artworks at launch.