First, What Is a Masternode?

A node is a computer that plays a part in ensuring the integrity of a network. In crypto (as a cryptocurrency is not only decentralized but also distributed), the underlying network functions with several people running nodes from various locations.

Each node has to host a copy of the coin’s ledger to support the network. And that’s what a masternode is: a computer node that supports the network by hosting an entire copy of the coin’s ledger in real-time.

In return, the Masternode receives the network’s cryptocurrency as a reward. In essence, it’s a great alternative to mining.

How Elitium Masternodes Work.

Elitium masternodes work just like staking, but with a high volume of EUM staked upfront. Operators must invest 100,000 EUM to run one masternode, receiving annualized rewards amounting to up to 25% of your staked amount.

Elitium pays operators a weekly EUMS reward, which you’re free to convert into EUM at any time you like and sell at one of our partner exchanges — or you can reinvest rewards in the Elitium Staking Program for an extra 6.5% rewards.

100K EUM invested upfront

Average 480 EUM per week

Average 2,080 EUM per month

Up to 25,000 EUM per year

And remember: if the price of EUM goes up, so does the value of your rewards — while you’re free to sell your masternode at any stage and redeem your initial 100,000 EUM investment.

We Can Set Your Masternode Up.

We run a secure setup service for masternodes. The service ensures your funds are safe, secure, and always accessible so that you can cash out into Fiat via a user-friendly withdrawal system.

Our expert team can install:

including devices and routers

including wallets

including encryption

Cold Wallets
for offline storage

A Bitcoin Wallet
for transfers

We can also manage any exchanges or cash-outs into your preferred currency. The secure set-up service means it’s simple to get started, and you can quickly start running your masternode to generate your weekly rewards.

Supersize your rewards, run a Masternode.

Available today: 18 Masternodes

100,000k EUM collateral

Up to 25% rewards per year (pro-rated if funds withdrawn before 12 months are up)

Elitium has a maximum of 18 Masternodes available. To secure yours: deposit 100,000 EUM in your Elitium Dashboard wallet, let us know when it’s there, and we can get your masternode setup.

If you want to see the technical specifications
visit GitHub.