Strategic Capital Partners: Who’s Joining Elitium In 2021?

If you read our latest roadmap on Medium, you’ll know we have plans to bring more strategic capital partners on-board this year. More, you ask? Well, yes. Having welcomed GDA Capital to the fray at the end of 2020, we’re in discussions with several others.

In truth, GDA Capital’s involvement has opened the door to an extensive network of well-resourced investors, who are all-too-keen to take a seat at the table — alongside exploring the opportunities available in our wealth management platform.

But while we welcome the possibility of more funding, there are plenty of other reasons their interest has us excited.

Leveraging The Network Effect

New partners not only inject capital into our business. 

They inject life by instantly spreading word of our platform far-and-wide, in parallel with sharing their cross-domain expertise with our team.

This degree of consultancy is invaluable for a growing company such as Elitium. It helps us refine our focus and key in on our targets, giving us — and so our community — a greater chance of success.

Indeed, wealth management is also a domain where you’re only ever as strong as your network. Having already welcomed Shahal Khan as Business Strategy Advisor and Scott Melker as a Strategic Partner, our network is only growing stronger by the day.

More to the point: they’re introducing us to other potential partners and investors, many of whom we expect to welcome onto the team this year. You’re sure to see an increasing headcount at Elitium HQ in 2021.

And we’re well on track to take Elitium to new heights over the next twelve months.


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