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Elitium is your Digital Economy to live a life of independence, value and growth.

Comprehensive Global Platform

Luxury experiences, exclusive investments, secure payments, personal concierge: all powered by the blockchain — all in one borderless ecosystem

Supported by industry-leading professionals

Putting wealth to work,

for growth and impact.

We’re witnessing a quiet revolution in finance.

For the first time in history, we have an opportunity to democratize value. But we can only realize cryptocurrency’s potential to drive global economic growth if HNW investors can access the burgeoning asset class.

At Elitium, our focus on compliance, security, and simplicity is making the spectrum of cryptocurrency investments accessible worldwide. We’re bridging traditional finance and the blockchain.

Our platform and network will enable investors to grow wealth and have a global impact as one.


Because it pays
to invest on the blockchain

Simple Asset Allocation

Invest in your preferred assets in just a few clicks.

Finance 3.0

Leverage decentralized finance and invest in a variety of NFTs.

Balanced Risk + Reward

Stake tokens, trade digital shares, or earn APY on USD and Gold.

Licensed & regulated institution

Two virtual currency licenses issued by the Estonian FIU.

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EUM Staking 7.9%*
EUM Masternode 28%*
Gold Savings 2%*
USD Savings 5%*
Locked Staking 8.1%*

* Average yield per year, up to the given percentage. “Why ‘up to’?” you ask — because the APY on crypto and blockchain investments fluctuates based on variables both in the protocol and the market.

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EUM: The fuel of the platform

Low selling pressure
No ICO, no airdrops, growth investors only
ERC-20 Utility Token
Confirmed by memorandum of advice
Upcoming: Treasury-backed
Value backed by real-world assets

The Elitium platform uses a native cryptocurrency, EUM, as fuel. EUM powers specific products (like staking and masternodes), and facilitates functions throughout the network.

Using EUM also means we never have to charge fees on deposits, withdrawals, or in-platform transfers. And if a transaction does generate a fee (say, converting USDT to EUM), we return it straight to the market — quite literally refueling the ecosystem.

Low selling pressure
Elitium No ICO, no airdrops, growth investors only
ERC-20 Utility Token
Elitium Confirmed by memorandum of advice
Upcoming: Treasury-backed
Elitium Value backed by real-world assets
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Buy EUM now

You can buy EUM in the Elitium App or on your preferred exchange.

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Spend crypto in 46m+ stores


Get the #1 luxury crypto card to spend EUM and other cryptocurrencies wherever you are in the world.

  • Zero account fees
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Zero withdrawal fees

Earn up to 7.9% APY on idle EUM balances, then spend your rewards worldwide.

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This is crypto wealth management
done right


We have protocols to protect your funds

Simple Risk-Management

A portfolio of products help
balance volatility

Easy to use

No technical knowledge required,
for access to all digital assets

Cryptocurrency was meant to democratize money.
Concerns with security, volatility, and complexity stopped investors coming aboard,
but not anymore, all thanks to Elitium.


Start investing
on your own terms

Decentralized Finance

An array of financial products and services, all powered by the blockchain: Think savings, loans, insurance, shares: all working as you’d expect but without the cost and time constraints associated with centralized institutions.

DeFi not only enables higher yields, quicker loans, instant insurance payouts, and innovative financial products.

It makes financial services available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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Tokenization of real-world assets

Stocks and shares limit you to investing in public companies. With tokenization, there are no limits.

You can invest in hand-picked real-world assets and trade as you want — making it easy to build a truly diversified portfolio.

Security is guaranteed by institutional grade encryption, with licences ensuring US, UK, and EU-wide compliance.

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Professional. Trustworthy. Secure.

24/7 Service
Reach our client services team around the clock, via email, live chat or a telephone hotline.
Full Compliance
We strive for regulated processes, compliant investing, and hold all non-invested funds in custodial wallets.
Hack-resistant architecture, decentralized oracle networks, in-house smart contracts, and an in-house storage protocol.
Insurance Coverage
Three protocols protect invested funds against smart-contract failure. Custody insurance protects non-invested funds.


Executive Team

Raoul Milhado
Visionary leader and driven entrepreneur who spearheaded Boatsters move into crypto, paving the path to Elitium.
Jean-Pierre Morand
Crypto specialist with 7 years blockchain experience. Always leads the way, including supporting the mass adoption of the internet in France in 1997.
Collin Nicolaas Gelevert
Chairman & CFO
Finance expert with 30+ years’ experience building company structures, covering financial, legal, and compliance aspects.
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