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Foundations of Elitium





Elitium stands for more than cryptocurrency

We are building products that will power a shifting economy, connecting the old world to the new.

Digital solutions that solve problems related to currency, to finance, to how people enjoy their everyday lives: what we are building is an ecosystem spanning digital investments and digital luxuries that will alter the expectations the world has around what currency can do.

Currency has moved from gold to paper; paper to a cashless society. Now, it needs to turn truly digital, and our own currency EUM can make that happen — in doing so, we can unlock a wealth of opportunity for all.Elitium encapsulates what the new era in digital holds.


Benefits of Elitium

Native Cryptocurrency
Dynamic payments solution EUM enables the core features of Elitium
Easy To Use
Purchase EUM with Fiat or crypto in seconds via a simple, secure payment mechanism
Receive rewards
Stake your EUM coins on our platform in order to receive 6.5% rewards per year on your balance.
Tier Model
Get access to exclusive features and functionalities, the more actively you use the Elitium platform.
Ultimate Lifestyle
Elitium app puts limitless luxury goods and services in the palm of your hand
Personal Assistant
AI-enabled assistant delivering on-demand support at the tap of a screen
Member’s Exclusives
Members-only offerings include limited edition goods, expeditions, and parties
Value-Added Services
Partners enjoy efficiencies of smart contracts powered by Ethereum

EUM is in the top 8% of all cryptocurrencies in the world


The future of luxury is yours to enjoy

Elitium believes everyone should have a stake in the future of luxury. The Elitium app is
your way to get involved, whether you buy EUM, stake the network, or ‘Refer & Earn.’


Crypto and Visa & Mastercard accepted






Refer & Earn Bonus

Whether buying EUM for the first time, staking the network, or referring to earn – manage your
entire Elitium experience in the Elitium app.

Read the full story behind
Elitium and the
cryptocurrency EUM

Especially if you are new to Elitium this is worth the read. In it you will find out how Elitium came to be, what problems the team identified and the approach of the solutions it is bringing to market. Discover how we can create value vor you. Discover Elitium today.



How To Charter A Yacht On The Blockchain, Today.

In yacht charters, smart contracts help charterers get on-board quicker. And they help businesses save time and money by eliminating most most of the admin.

  • Cost-effective
  • Quick
  • Secure
Discover Smart Contracts


Elitium Roadmap


  • Elitium Concept Launch

    Elitium founders assess potential for luxury-focused crypto

  • Pilot Solution Launch

    Wallet-to-wallet payments solution launched — letting clients rent yachts with one of 55 cryptos

  • Whitepaper Published

    Raoul & JP found Elitium after test-case success — including website, platform design & technical demonstration

  • Private Pre-sale

    Initial investment raised

  • EUM Created

    Ethereum-based ERC20 coin developed

  • Official Registration

    Set up as Gibraltar & Swiss organization

  • EUMI Created

    Elitium launches world’s first tokenized insurance

  • EUMX Created

    Elitium launches pioneering loyalty token

  • Exchange Listing #1

    Global Digital Asset Trading Platform BitMart

  • Exchange Listing #2

    Innovative multi-currency trading platform STEX

  • Inaugural Elitium Event

    Elitium members’ event — trackside at F1 Monaco Grand Prix

  • CoinMarketCap Listing

    EUM accepted by CMC

  • MVP Showcase

    V1 demo of Elitium App

  • Product Launch

    The Elitium Dashboard

  • Market Cap Milestone

    EUM hits $4m market capitalization despite no ICO

  • Staking Program Launch

    Official Release of EUMS Staking Program

  • Exchange Listing #3

    Stakers’ favorite CryptoBridge

  • Android App Launch

    The Elitium Dashboard

  • Android & iOS Prototype

    The Elitium App

  • Elitium Dashboard Upgrade

    Enhanced investment proposition premiered in collaboration with select luxury partners

  • EUM Integration

    Buy & Sell EUM at Physical Terminals

  • Showcase Real World Use Case

    1st custom smart contract execution for yacht rental with Boatsters Black

  • Exchange Listing

    Premier Global Exchange

  • Partner Onboarding

    v0.1 Alpha of Elitium App + first partner integrations

  • Official Elitium Launch

    Launch party hosted during the Monaco F1 Grand Prix — roll-out of Elitium App

  • Global Roll-Out

    Including v1.0 roll-out and stabilization of Elitium App

  • Global Launch Campaign

    Including PR push & coordinated marketing activities + partner integrations in Europe, USA & Dubai

  • App Development

    Design & development iteration of Elitium App

  • BaaS Launch

    Introducing Blockchain-as-a-Service solutions to existing brand partners & start-ups

  • A.I. Product Upgrade

    Integrate AI-enabled Virtual Executive Robot Assistant (VERA) into Elitium App

  • Ongoing Business Development

    Including platform innovation, global expansion & unique value creation strategies


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