Trade EUM on top-tier exchanges

Every currency has a value. And that value can go up as well as down. You can speculate on price movements and trade. Or simply hold EUM to capitalize on Elitium’s future growth plans. Whichever path you choose, start by buying EUM at one of our partner exchanges.

You can use premier digital asset trading platform Bitmart to exchange BTC/EUM or ETH/EUM. Or use the innovative, altcoin-focused STEX to swap BTC/ETH.


Exchange Roadmap

We frequently partner with new exchanges. And as we get bigger, we can list on more top-tier platforms with an ever more expansive reach. With Bitmart and STEX, our most active markets are currently Europe, Asia and North America. In the near future we are looking to focus on Turkey, South America and India in the very near future.

  • Main active markets
  • Future markets

Are you a top-tier exchange? Get in touch to discuss listing EUM.