Elitium Vision


Making Finance A Force For Good

Digitization has changed the world. Outdated finance, governance, even business models no longer serve us, the people. Central banks print money to prop up balance sheets. But we need to create value in a more equitable way.

Elitium’s vision is to unite a network of progressive entrepreneurs and devise new finance models — because, as we see it, that’s the only way to tackle the inevitable challenges humanity will face in the decades to come.

In tandem with Elitium Capital, our security token platform, we can enable these same business owners to tokenize their companies, accelerate growth, and innovate through decentralized governance and voting right models.


Designed For A Decentralized World

We designed Elitium to serve multiple purposes.

Our platform can already handle upwards of 100,000 actions per second (deposits, withdrawals, currency swaps, and more). And when a user swaps two currencies within the platform, the transaction processes in a few seconds (near-instant) for zero cost.

And our cryptocurrency EUM enables the ecosystem to function, so we designed the token to act as a currency. The maximum supply of 332.2 million means there will always be enough tokens in circulation to allow seamless transactions, striking a balance between inflation and the cost of goods.

While the circulating supply stems from our slow-release strategy, guided by the pace of adoption, with the remaining tokens sitting in an independent Escrow cold storage account.

Every asset tokenized through Elitium Capital will also earn the company commission in the form of digital shares. And by linking these shares to the company, we tie value to the treasury of Elitium Ltd., in turn, giving EUM substantial intrinsic value.

The treasury not only ensures the coin’s longevity. It allows EUM to decouple itself from Bitcoin’s price movements, something no other altcoin has achieved. And even if another global crisis strikes, our coin will have a treasury to fall back on.

EUM itself is an official utility token, as recognized in a memorandum of understanding from crypto specialist law firm Hassans. You can see: strong regulatory standing is a firm pillar for us.
A second pillar is state-of-the-art security.


Making Decentralized Finance More Secure


We have spent four years establishing one of the most robust security setups in the industry.

This includes a matrix of four insurance solutions that cover risks like smart contract failures and price manipulation, as well as registered custody providers for idle user funds.

Elitium CTO Jean-Pierre Morand has worked in cybersecurity since 1997, with extensive experience developing solutions in several industries. He has built a dedicated security infrastructure, using in-house smart contracts to protect client liquidity pools when locking funds into DeFi smart contracts.



Making A Global Impact

Currency has evolved from tradable goods to paper, paper to cashless solutions. Now, it needs to turn digital. Elitium is making that happen. We’re building products to power a new type of economy, connecting the old world to the new.

We’re creating an ecosystem that spans decentralized finance, digital shares, cryptocurrency, and other blockchain-enabled assets, bridging traditional finance and the blockchain by focusing on compliance, ease of entry, and simplicity.

Because we envision a world in which all investors can preserve and grow wealth as one. In establishing a unique network of creators and thought leaders, we can empower new relationships and develop meaningful dialogue, harnessing affluence and technology to transform everyone’s fortunes.

Our mission is to unite HNW investors to create a positive impact, redefining the investment landscape. And while we’re not claiming we know how to build the ‘perfect future,’ we know that if we bring the right people to the table, we can create a future characterized by independence, value, and growth.

From here, we can redirect focus to giving back, placing attention on the world’s most pressing problems, including poverty, hunger, education, health, sustainability, and climate change. But we will never hit these heights without the right incentives.

That’s why Elitium is leveraging groundbreaking yields to attract an exclusive investor network to the ecosystem so that, once obstacles recede and normality resumes, we have the foundations in place to realize our vision.

In time, we will become the most powerful value investor network on this planet, enabling an innovative growth model powered by potent financing tools, including DeFi and tokenization.

At that point, we will be positioned to grow wealth and have a global impact as one.