EUM fuels the platform.



Powers it all

Elitium EUM

EUM exists so you never have to pay fees on deposits, withdrawals, or transfers with Elitium. But the token is more than a settlement mechanism.

EUM powers Elitium’s staking system and DeFi models. And it’s the settlement mechanism for platform fees. If you own EUM, you also get perks like early access to NFT sales — while you can spend it worldwide and earn up to 1% cashback.

DeFi programs and our clients’ long-term focus support platform liquidity, protecting the price of EUM.

Elitium is self-financed and has never run an ICO. We’ve focused on our technology, platform, and compliance, meaning the more people who use Elitium, the more valuable EUM becomes.

Elitium EUM
Staking Program
Leave it in your staking wallet and generate up to 7.6% rewards.
Elitium Card
Spend it in 45 million merchants on your Elitium card.
Elitium Suite
Use it for exclusive access to money-can’t-buy experiences.

But first — Buy your EUM today

But EUM today

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You can buy EUM in the Elitium App or on your preferred exchange.

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What you can do with EUM?

There are multiple platforms and payment gateways where you can track, find information on, or use EUM, over and above the 45m merchants where you can spend EUM using your Elitium Card.

Where can I hold EUM?

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You can store EUM in any Ethereum-compatible wallet. We recommend you use one of the following wallet solutions.

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