Earn Gold As You Spend With The Elitium Credit Card, Here’s How.

The crypto world has been waiting for this moment for a long time. 

The launch of a real crypto credit card. Not a card that asks you to deposit Bitcoin, just so you can spend Tether — but an actual credit card that gives you a dollar-denominated credit line.

The Elitium Diamond Card offers just that: …

How To Get Up To 6.5% EUM Rewards On Bitmart?

Elitium offers one of the most straightforward staking programs in crypto. Once you have a balance of EUM, you can start staking in your Elitium dashboard in one click.

In July 2020, we extended this simplicity to more users.

We partnered with the premier digital asset platform BitMart to offer EUM staking through the crypto exchange. …

Choose the New Elitium Dashboard

We are very excited to announce a re-worked and improved design of our dashboard. With three designs to choose from in the final stages, we thought who better to help us decide than our loyal community.

We’ve set up the following voting system for you to help us out. Please take a close look at …

What Can Artificial Intelligence Bring To Elitium?

From the outset, Elitium CEO Raoul knew that artificial intelligence would play a role in his vision. And while it might be some time before you have a fully-fledged, AI-powered Bot to guide you around the Elitium Digital Economy. 

It won’t be all that long before you get a taste of how machine learning will …

What Are The Four Pillars Of The Elitium Digital Economy?

The Elitium Digital Economy is an ecosystem of products that helps users create value using our cryptocurrency, EUM. 

Given what users can do within it, the Digital Economy lends significant value to EUM. And the fact that our digital currency underpins all four pillars could make our cryptocurrency very appealing to society at large.

The infographic …

What Makes Elitium More Secure Than Other Blockchains?

Elitium is a technology company at heart. 

We didn’t set out to make the world ‘go green.’ But as the crypto-sector has evolved, so has Elitium. And we’re delighted to say that our technology — and broader strategy — now incorporates a more eco-centric focus.

You can see evidence of the above in our choice to …

Coinmarketcap 101: What Is Coinmarketcap And How Does It Work?

Coinmarketcap is the authority when it comes to tracking cryptocurrency prices in real-time. Since its inception in May 2013, it’s become one of the best-known brands in the rapidly-growing crypto-space.

The website and smartphone apps want to make cryptocurrencies discoverable to all. And to empower everyday investors with factual information that’s always accurate and always …

You Can Now Earn Better Interest On Your Savings, Here’s How.

We live in an era of low-interest rates. With some accounts, you even have to pay to save. As ludicrous as that sounds, it’s how things are.

At least, it is if you limit yourself to a traditional savings account. On the other hand, if you branch out into the world of crypto savings, the …

Altcoins 101: What are altcoins? And why do they exist?

An altcoin is any cryptocurrency that’s NOT Bitcoin. 

Altcoins operate according to their own set of rules. And most are either trying to improve upon Bitcoin or to satisfy an entirely different use case — that’s the headline answer, at least. 

If you want more detail, read on.
Do Altcoins Work Differently To Bitcoin?
For all intents and …