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How Elitium Will Shift from Launch to Growth

Elitium has always taken a long-term view. The project exists to transform the world of luxury. The team is doing everything in its power to make our dream your reality. And we’ve already made significant progress in our short lifespan.

But what’s next, we hear you ask?

Let’s dive right in.
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The world lost …


Elitium: Life’s Greatest Luxury, Defined

Elitium is the platform that enables your lifestyle to match expectations. Enabled by the blockchain, the Elitium ecosystem redefines luxury for the digital age, connecting high-net-worth consumers to renowned luxury brands for seamless access to a world without limits – all within a single platform.


Revolutionizing the Luxury Niche Using Smart Contracts on EOSIO

In an era where technology is advancing so rapidly, it may come as a surprise how primitive many administrative processes still remain today.
Excessive paperwork, slow payments, and reliance on third parties for execution of contracts all remain pain points in today’s processes, especially in the luxury market.
Processes such as those for renting a superyacht …


ELITIUM | The Platform to Supercharge Luxury Living

With histories rooted in yachting, it was little surprise when Nick Gelevert and Raoul Milhado joined forces. The enterprising duo spotted an inefficiency in the industry – marinas lying full of beautiful yachts, even during the summer months – so in 2015, they founded digital yacht charterers Boatsters.

The platform was an immediate success, attracting …


Elitium’s Lifestyle App is Taking Luxury Experiences to the Next Level

Many projects undermine blockchain technology. Generic propositions fail to satisfy real-world needs. Unfulfilled promises only frustrate investors. Even groundbreaking innovations become a hurdle—as products arrive too early into markets that are just not ready to use them.

However, in one corner of Europe, government and business have combined to scale a proven idea into a sector that’s ready-and-waiting.

A New …


How Blockchain technology will Transform the Luxury Industry

Elitium provides a luxury lifestyle platform using a sustainable cryptocurrency solution. The aim is to deliver a new customer experience in the luxury industry by offering consumers an all-inclusive lifestyle platform with access to a wide range of luxury goods and services. Participants of the platform will be able to purchase their preferred luxury …


Elitium-i: The World’s First Tokenized Insurance

Even in a decentralized world, trust remains an issue. Phishing attacks, malicious transactions, and hacks continue to undermine blockchain technology. In the first six months of 2018 alone, cybercriminals stole US $731m worth of cryptocurrency. Often, leaving users with little recourse for action.
For those who lose thousands, the frustration is visceral. For high-net-worth individuals whose …