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What You Can Expect From The Elitium YouTube Channel

The rise of video has made every platform rethink its strategy.

Take Instagram as an example. As Snapchat and TikTok have stolen its audience, the Facebook-owned image-sharing platform has responded with Stories and Reels.

It’s no surprise that video has become such a popular format. It creates a sense of authenticity and engagement that you just can’t get with static content, including imagery and the written word.

So if you’re wondering why Elitium has delved into the world of YouTube, there’s your answer: an Elitium YouTube channel gives us an outlet to create a more authentic relationship with you.

And it does this in several ways.

  1. Get To Know The Faces Behind The Vision

First up, each video will help you get to know us.

We plan on getting everyone from our CEO Raoul to our CTO Jean-Pierre to members of the Elitium core team to share their views on what’s going on in the crypto world. That means you’ll see how we think and how we work.

In doing so, we hope you’ll feel more connected with Elitium — and better understand the vision behind what we’re building.

  1. Stay up-to-date with the latest news & developments

Secondly, we plan to use the video series to keep you up to date with current crypto news.

That means you can expect everything from a summary of headlines from major crypto news outlets to breaking news from Elitium HQ to updates on what’s next on the Elitium roadmap — alongside plenty of ‘Ask Me Anything’-style sessions with the team.

…and that’s just for starters: as we release more videos and find out the types of content you love, we’ll start to riff on preferred themes.

  1. Share industry expertise

Finally, we know you want the inside track on crypto. And we want to learn as much as we can from you as well.

The Elitium YouTube channel will create a forum for knowledge-sharing, allowing the Elitium team to showcase what we’ve learned from building a blockchain platform — alongside giving you a space to tell us your thoughts.

We know we’d be nowhere without our community: connecting via YouTube is a great way to build our following even more.

Connect with Elitium on YouTube: subscribe to our channel for all the latest insights.