Elitium Team

Management Team



Raoul Milhado
    Raoul Milhado
    Founder & CEO

    Motivating leader & highly driven entrepreneur with years of international experience in the world of digital marketing, mobile apps, technology and web development. By joining the yachting industry in 2016, he has built up the perfect skill-sets and experience to lead and manage the company Elitium.

  • Jean-Pierre Morand
      Jean-Pierre Morand
      Founder & CTO

      The technical specialist and leading blockchain expert with over 20 years of IT experience. He has always been on the forefront of new and innovative technology, a great example is his leading of projects on mass adoption of internet in France in 1997. Moreover, he will ensure the continuity of the technology developments of Elitium.

    • Collin Nicolaas Gelevert
        Collin Nicolaas Gelevert
        Chairman & CFO

        Highly experienced financial expert with years of experience in creating international company structures and applying “out of the box” business solutions. With over 30 years of experience he will be dedicated to building the company structure and cover the financial and legal strategy in all its aspects.

      • Core Team



        Timm Eilmann
          Timm Eilmann
          Project Director

          Founded his first agency young, giving him a wealth of first-hand experience of breakthrough technologies like blockchain and AI — as he developed his knack for ROI-driven strategies in marketing and business development for clients that span multiple luxury companies across Europe.

        • Dean Veldman
            Dean Veldman
            Key Account Manager

            A decade's experience in the investment space, spanning finance and property, gave Dean a solid understanding of how markets work. He turned his attention to crypto in early 2017 before specializing in DeFi. Dean now heads all client-related Elitium activity, educating users via a consultative approach to maximize their chances of success.

          • Luca Hodyjas
              Luca Hodyjas
              Head of Growth

              Creative head of Elitium specialized on developing out of the box marketing strategies. Specialized on performance oriented online and social media marketing. The combination out of developing a long term vision for the brand, with direct PPC marketing makes him to an essential part of our marketing service.

            • Charles Palisoc
                Charles Palisoc
                Head of Support

                Charles has worked in customer service since 2016. His time at Coinberry broadened his knowledge of blockchain as he fielded questions relating to bitcoin, blockchain, and money transfers in general. He is a problem-solver at heart, always taking the time to understand the query before responding in a courteous, professional manner.

                Demetri Poulikidis
                  Demetri Poulikidis
                  Head of Development

                  Our lead developer finds a solution to every challenge. He has extensive experience serving clients worldwide; working in the US and Europe as a tech lead and full stack developer designing and engineering applications, websites, servers and platforms.

                  Daan van Heijst
                    Daan van Heijst
                    Business Development

                    The trading professional and crypto-specialist with over 5 years' blockchain experience. Before joining Elitium, Dann was raising capital for crypto and real estate-related projects. He is a strong relationship builder and a born deal-closer. His knowledge of digital and assertive way of working will prove pivotal in raising capital and improving liquidity on the Elitium platform.

                  • Pavel Mikhalevsky
                      Pavel Mikhalevsky
                      AML Officer Estonia

                      An experienced entrepreneur with 18 years of experience managing various businesses, following on from 12 years of leading his law practice. Pavel has now switched from the traditional to the decentralized world, recognizing how the next wave of technology can power financial independence for all.

                      Costantinos Ntzourfras
                        Costantinos Ntzourfras
                        Frontend Developer

                        A computer scientist by trade, Constantinos has rich experience from time spent as a developer in Greece, then Austria. He's now focused on the front-end, using his background in web development to help optimize the Elitium experience in every client-facing touchpoint.

                      • Aron Pauker
                          Aron Pauker
                          Full Stack Developer

                          Aron hails from Hungary and has spent much of his life honing his software development skills. He's an expert in PHP, several web languages, native mobile apps, and game development. Now, he's helping turn Elitium into a mobile-first crypto platform.

                        • Filip Cekic
                            Filip Cekic
                            System Architect

                            Systems architect and experienced backend developer who strives to create scalable, robust software that never compromises on the quality of the user experience. He's worked for many international companies, building the technical infrastructure behind household brands.

                            Bertie Conibear
                              Bertie Conibear
                              Creative Director

                              Growth-focused creative with extensive experience devising narratives for both B2B and B2C brands — helping craft brewers attract investment from Diageo, food-tech startups raise capital from high-profile VCs, and blockchain ventures hit ICO targets.

                            • Maxim Shishkin
                                Maxim Shishkin
                                Head of Design

                                Highly experienced professional with over 8 years of experience in developing websites, mobile applications and branding for large companies and start-ups in Saudi Arabia, America and Europe. He is perfectly equipped for future technical challenges with Elitium.

                              • Nils Eilmann
                                  Nils Eilmann
                                  Head of Social

                                  The highly motivated, outcome-oriented social media manager who’s been nurturing a talent across channels since an early age. Nils uses a quality-first approach in everything he does, knowing online content requires thought-over-volume to have an impact: a learning only reinforced by time spent marketing several European luxury brands.

                                • Ari Ombesi
                                    Ari Ombesi
                                    Content Designer

                                    Ari is a designer and illustrator. He comes from South Borneo, Indonesia, and has worked with clients from across the world: designing, illustrating, and inputting on creative direction since 2004. His interests are varied, but he's particularly excited by novel concepts that could have a profound impact on how the world will function in the coming years.

                                    Artem Fominykh
                                      Artem Fominykh
                                      Head of Community

                                      After laying the academic foundations through completing a higher economic education in finance, Artem started his career in 1998 as a driven salesman. He then continued as managing partner of a large furniture holding company, focused on communication with key partners and clients. Being introduced to cryptocurrencies in 2016, Artem has since worked in marketing and community management for several projects, accelerating his engaging and preempting communication skills.

                                      Rhys Rossello
                                        Rhys Rossello
                                        Marketing Manager

                                        While earning a bachelor's degree in Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Rhys set up his first business: an events company helping companies grow through marketing, focusing on social media. He's harboured an entrepreneurial mindset ever since and joined Elitium to share his skills while broadening his expertise.

                                        Advisory Board



                                        Caen Contee
                                          Caen Contee
                                          Global Strategy Advisor

                                          A born movement builder. Co-founded smart mobility platform Lime before moving into venture funding and philanthropy. He's a deep operator and service-based leader who has helped raise $750m+ for personal ventures alongside negotiating commercial deals worth $100m+.

                                        • Ben Tran
                                            Ben Tran
                                            Business Development Advisor

                                            When Ben discovered the blockchain in 2015, he started working with the industry's brightest minds to offer investment, marketing, and support for early-stage ventures. He has served as CEO and co-founder of several disruptive Web3 companies, scaling platforms and communities along the way.

                                          • Remi Notta
                                              Remi Notta
                                              Luxury Advisor

                                              Remi Notta is a respected lifestyle influencer followed by over 600,000 people on Instagram alone. He works as a brand ambassador and in VIP guest relations for several high-profile companies, with a focus on NFTs and metaverse promotion. His influential profile will prove invaluable as Elitium grows.

                                            • Martin Baldwin
                                                Martin Baldwin
                                                Financial Advisor

                                                Having spent 25+ years in global banking and finance, Martin is well versed in trading, treasury management, and financial product development. He’s worked in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. And he has an equally broad educational background, including bachelors’ degrees in Computer Science, English Literature, and Education, and an MBA in Finance and International Business.

                                              • Peter M. Buchroithner
                                                  Peter M. Buchroithner
                                                  Growth Advisor

                                                  A lifelong entrepreneur with an impressive track record scaling startups into global corporations. He's currently CEO of learning platform GROW, having previously co-founded product studio Gateway Labs and scaled chat-poll startup, Swelly, from 0-10m users in just 18 months.

                                                • Charles Ruffolo
                                                    Charles Ruffolo
                                                    Business Development Advisor

                                                    As an international speaker, trainer, author and publisher Mr. Ruffolo is a true natural when it comes to linking individuals with common interest. After having spent over 20 years in the military and earning his MBA/MPA degree during this time, he launched The NetworKing BV – a platform of over 20,000 registered business minded professionals worldwide. His excellent experience is a big asset to the expansion of Elitium and its products.

                                                  • Fancy Alexandersson
                                                      Fancy Alexandersson
                                                      Luxury Brand Advisor

                                                      She is widely considered as one of the most known event hosts in the entertainment industry. She has also become a well-known personality in Hollywood, as she hosted prestigious events e.g. the Grammy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, the Academy Awards, Super Bowl, Formula One Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, and the Fashion Weeks. She will be an excellent voice and connector of Elitium with the luxury community.

                                                      Elitium globe
                                                      Nick Gelevert
                                                        Nick Gelevert
                                                        Business Development Advisor

                                                        Highly ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for working in the nautical sector throughout his life. As the CEO of Boatsters and growing up in a yachting family business, he’s sharing his knowledge and expertise of the yachting industry to expand global partnerships and therefore shape the future Network of Elitium.

                                                      • Daan Stots
                                                          Daan Stots
                                                          Business Advisor

                                                          Former director of Quintessentially the Netherlands, currently ambassador of Nexus Global and through its own company Stotsy offering luxury and unique events all over the globe. With his extensive experience he will support Elitium in developing the concierge services.

                                                        • Paul Spronk
                                                            Paul Spronk
                                                            Financial Advisor

                                                            Mullitalented professional with a focus on high level innovation projects in Asia, Paul has funded and help scale a wide variety of companies and is actively involved in the regulatory discussion around DLT and crypto technology. He has a background in International investment law and EU regulatory affairs and is well equipped to guide Elitium trough the financial and regulatory landscape.