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Introducing Elitium Capital: Your New Way To Invest In A New York City Hotel

Investing has always felt a little old-world. Shares focused on a limited stock of public companies, a lack of exciting opportunities in emerging asset classes.

In truth, there are few investments to feel genuinely enthusiastic about.

Elitium Capital changes that. Elitium’s new digital share platform introduces a modern way to invest in an emerging real-world asset class.

It offers a portfolio of hand-picked real estate developments for you to invest in, trade shares in, or earn dividends on — creating a powerful way for accredited investors to build a truly diversified, genuinely exciting investment portfolio.

An Easy, Yet Secure Way To Invest In Real Estate

Elitium Capital is the only platform that lets you invest in unique, luxury real estate.

If you want to see the kind of real estate we’re talking about, you’ll soon find out: we’re about to announce the first New York City hotel due for tokenization.

Tokenization simply means creating digital shares on the blockchain to represent ownership in a real-world asset. In this instance, the asset in question is the NYC hotel. And the digital shares will let you become co-owner in this multi-million-dollar asset without writing a million-dollar cheque.

Let’s dive deeper into the hotel example to see how the process works. 

Say, Elitium Capital offers 100 digital shares to represent the NYC hotel. If you buy 20 of them, you’ll own 20% of the hotel.

Meaning you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Capital appreciation
  • Quarterly dividends
  • Complimentary stays
  • Free parties and events

As you can see, it’s an entirely new type of investment, but the process will feel reassuringly familiar.

New Asset Class, A Familiar Experience

While tokenized real estate is a new asset class, the investment experience is the same as anything you see on your favorite share trading platform.

You just need to register an account in a few simple steps. Browse the investments available. Find your preferred opportunities based on the growth potential and projected dividend payments.

Then, invest.

For those wanting to carry out more advanced due diligence, there will be plenty of documentation available for you to analyze.

And once you’ve taken the plunge, a portfolio dashboard will show all the insights you need to track performance — while you’ll be free to trade tokens as often as you want via our 24/7 in-house exchange.

Enhanced By Blockchain Security

The blockchain not only enables tokenization. It ensures the investment process is 100% transparent and 100% secure.

All investment-related documentation will be available to investors on project-specific blockchains. Security will be guaranteed through institutional-grade encryption. And a FINMA license — alongside industry partnerships — will mean Elitium Capital is fully compliant throughout the US, UK, and EU.

When you’re ready, you can make your first investment in just three steps:

  1. Browse: Use the overview to see all available developments, check the relevant documentation, and pick the investments that fit your requirements.
  2. Invest: A native investment process ensures full transparency and security throughout the process, letting you invest with confidence in just one click.
  3. Earn: Track portfolio performance, check key project metrics, and once your hotel turns a profit, you could earn dividends — or you can trade your digital shares.

Elitium Capital is due to launch in the coming months.

To be first in line to become co-owner of a dreamy New York City hotel, sign up today using just your email address.

Be the co-owner of an NYC Hotel: sign up to Elitium Capital today.