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Elitium future

Our team continually strives to develop the Elitium platform, earn new listings on top-tier global exchanges, wallets, and cryptocurrency tools, and ensure the ease-of-use of our native cryptocurrency across the globe.

Check the roadmap below to see how our efforts look in real life.


  • Elitium Concept Launch

    Elitium founders assess potential for luxury-focused crypto

  • Pilot Solution Launch

    Wallet-to-wallet payments solution launched — letting clients of Boatsters rent yachts with one of 55 cryptos

  • Whitepaper Published

    Raoul & JP found Elitium after test-case success — including website, platform design & technical demonstration

  • Private Pre-sale

    Initial investment raised

  • EUM Created

    Ethereum-based ERC20 coin developed

  • Official Company Registration

    Elitium Ltd. set up as Gibraltar organization

  • Bitmart Exchange Listing

    Global Digital Asset Trading Platform BitMart

  • STEX Exchange Listing

    Innovative multi-currency trading platform STEX

  • Inaugural Elitium Event

    Elitium members’ event — trackside at F1 Monaco Grand Prix

  • CoinMarketCap Listing

    EUM accepted by and listed on CMC

  • Public Launch

    Masternodes available for purchase by the general public — releasing 2 masternodes every 6 months up to a total of 18

  • Product Launch

    Elitium Dashboard

  • Development Kick-off

    Develop the first smart contract — for use on a yacht charter with Boatsters Black

  • Market Cap Milestone

    EUM hits $4m market capitalization despite no ICO

  • Staking Program Launch

    Official Release of EUMS Staking Program — including a local staking wallet with the dual-blockchain fork of PIVX

  • Prototype Elitium App

    Alpha prototype demo of the Elitium app

  • Market Cap Milestone

    EUM hits $10m market capitalization despite no ICO

  • Elitium Capital Development

    Kick-off meeting between Elitium and Syncrasy and finalization of product development plans

  • Elitium Card Concept

    Announcing the Elitium card used to spend EUM in the real world

  • Elitium Capital Prototype

    Prototype version with basic UI/UX and ability to execute end-to-end tokenization process

  • Staking v2 Launch

    Updated staking program — with industry-first ease-of-use and accessibility one dashboard, no manual EUM-EUMS coin swap

  • Credit Card Payment Solution

    Buy EUM with your credit card in your dashboard

  • Elitium Capital Demo

    First platform demonstrations with select asset owners of exclusive real estate

  • Updated Elitium White Paper

    New version of the Elitium Whitepaper — updated on product development and introducing the “Digital Economy”

  • Elitium Capital Soft Launch

    Release of public website and Elitium Capital Whitepaper

  • Online Interface

    Track masternode performance in one overview — as easy to review as the staking balance

  • Indian exchange listing
  • Smart Contract Showcase

    Execute the custom smart contract — on a yacht charter with Boatsters Black

  • Beta Release

    Beta version released on iOS App Store and Google Play — offering staking and account management

  • Elitium Capital Early Access

    Launch the digital share platform for investors to register interest and request early access

  • Europe & USA Launch

    Ship first cards to customers in the EU and the USA — making EUM spendable across two continents

  • European exchange listing
  • First Luxury Hotel Tokenization

    Elitium Capital launches with a select investment project — offered to Elitium Capital users exclusively

  • Mobile Payments Integration

    Users can use their Elitium card to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay

  • Top-tier global exchange listing #1
  • Virtual Wallet Release

    Elitium offers a virtual wallet for all cryptocurrencies — under Estonian licenses

  • Elitium Suite Release

    Marketplace for unique luxury experiences from selected partners

  • Integrate Smart Contracts With Elitium Suite Partners

    Exclusively available to partners with listings on the Elitium app

  • Cashback Program Launch

    Elitium cardholders start getting cashback on every transaction

  • More Supported Currencies

    Spend up to 14 different cryptocurrencies with one card

  • Elitium Capital Update

    Add 24/7 trading capability to allow investors to buy and sell tokens of funded projects

  • Elitium Business Launch

    Use of smart contracts and BaaS solutions to enable rapid scaling of partners listed on the Elitium app

  • Expand Elitium Capital Portfolio

    Onboard more exclusive investment opportunities — allowing users to buy digital shares in real-world assets to build a truly diversified portfolio

  • Global Launch

    Ship cards worldwide — excluding countries with crypto restrictions

  • Peer-to-peer Payments

    Send crypto to others using an email address

  • Top-tier global exchange listing #2
  • Capacity Reached

    All masternodes purchased — 18 powering Elitium’s distributed network.

  • Vera Release

    Launching the Virtual Executive Robot Assistant — with basic machine learning capabilities

  • Elitium Suite Partner Onboarding

    Integration of first luxury partners — offering experiences, goods and services inside the Elitium app

  • US exchange listing
  • App Integration

    Integrate the card dashboard into the Elitium app — making it part of the Digital Economy

  • Elitium Business Scaling

    Offering Blockchain-as-a-Service to external global corporations

  • Vera Update

    Expanding her AI-capabilities to include a broader range of actions: manage day-to-day appointments, personal finances, reservations

  • Elitium Digital Economy

    Through the combination of all individual products and features, Elitium’s Digital Economy reinvents the way you interact with money

  • Tokenization Mass Adoption

    Critical mass achieved as issuers can easily create shares for assets with minimal compliance checks, opening up tokenization to smaller asset classes,

A phased strategy.

We have teased out detail from the roadmap for a more comprehensive update of our phased rollout strategy, per product.

Elitium App

Elitium App

Phase 1: Beta launch on the App Store and Google Play with A virtual wallet, staking and basic account management.

Phase 2: Elitium Suite launch, putting luxury experiences just a few screen taps away, with partners added every month.

Phase 3: App updates later in the year, including VERA: your very own AI-enabled Virtual Executive Robot Assistant.

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Elitium Card

Elitium Card

Phase 1: Launching to US and European cardholders, meaning you can pay with cryptocurrency on two continents.

Phase 2: Cashback integration on all transactions, rewarding cardholders for spending.

Phase 3: Adding the card interface into the Elitium app to create one single experience reflecting our Digital Economy.

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Elitium card
Elitium capital

Elitium Capital

Phase 1: Soft launch releasing the public website and offering early access to investors.

Phase 2: First luxury hotel tokenization on the blockchain followed by a global launch with the full feature set.

Phase 3: Platform expansion, onboarding new investment opportunities for investors to create a truly diversified portfolio.

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Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Phase 1: Elitium’s first smart contract in the real world as clients charter a yacht on the blockchain through Boatsters Black.

Phase 2: Launching Elitium Business to brands listed on the Elitium app, bringing Blockchain-as-a-Service to partners.

Phase 3: Global roll-out of BaaS to corporate clients, including tech and marketing solutions for profit optimization.

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Smart Contracts

The Digital Economy

The ultimate vision. A world in which all major wallet providers and crypto-focused tools power our Digital Economy.

With EUM available on at least three top-tier global exchanges to increase accessibility to the general public. And the mass adoption of EUM throughout Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.

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