NFT Summit Is Coming—Join Raoul To Discuss ‘Everything NFT’ The Day Before NFT BAZL

NFT BAZL is just days away. And to say we’re excited is an understatement. 

But to warm the crowds up for this historical exhibition, GDA Capital and Elitium will co-host a separate virtual gathering just one day before the main event.

A gathering at which creatives and industry insiders will sit side-by-side to discuss Everything NFT. If you have any interest in this revolutionary space, then NFT Summit is an absolute must-attend.

Read on for the details.

NFT Summit: What, When, Where

NFT Summit is a virtual event covering everything NFT. 

Experts and creators will tackle subjects like the digitization of culture, the creation of an immersive internet, and what the future holds for digital assets.

Expect to hear from speakers including Black Economic Empowerment ambassador Erikan Obotetukodu, artist Super Buddha, Michael Gord (CEO of NFT BAZL co-host GDA Capital), our very own Raoul Milhado, and many, many more as they share thoughts on:

  • The implications of NFTs
  • Why they matter to investors
  • How you can get involved

NFT Summit takes place just one day before NFT BAZL. And it’s free to attend, whether you live-stream or join us in Decentraland.

Claim your free pass in thirty seconds by clicking here.