New This Week: Native Android App Confirmed For NFT Farming

For any Android users feeling left out, we have good news.

The Elitium NFT farming app will let you mint NFT farmers on blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom, directly on your Android phone.

The team is still hard at work on the NFT farming iOS app, but as that workstream draws to a close, we’re gearing up to launch on Google Play, too. NFT farming will take NFT utility to the next level, with the Elitium app making it all the more accessible.

If you’re unsure what NFT farming is, here’s a run-through.

What is NFT farming?

NFT farming is yield farming for NFTs.

Put another way, it’s a way for you to generate APY in a basket of your favourite tokens, all by holding an NFT.

NFT farming generates yield through liquidity pools and validator nodes, which makes it the ideal solution for anyone looking to grow their portfolio from a smaller capital base. What’s more, NFT farming is so much simpler than yield farming.

Where yield farming often requires a PhD just to make it to the starting line, you can start NFT farming in a few simple steps.

Here’s how it’ll work on Android:

  1. Buy an NFT Farmer using Google 
  2. The cost of your NFT goes straight into liquidity pools
  3. You get weekly rewards straight into your Elitium wallet


If that sounds simple, that’s because it is. So if you like the sound of generating weekly crypto rewards right in your pocket, be sure to download the Elitium NFT farming Android app the moment it goes live.

As we said — we plan to launch the iOS version first. But you can follow Elitium on Twitter for updates on when the Android app will go live.

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