New This Week: NFT Farming Is Coming To Elitium

You’ve been very patient these last few weeks.

For that, we can only thank you. And to show our appreciation, we feel it’s only right that we give you a glimpse of what we’ve been working on.

A few months ago, inspiration struck. We could see NFTs earning an ever-growing audience, yet we felt frustrated by the apparent lack of utility. That’s when we realised Elitium could do something to change that.

We knew we could use our decentralised finance expertise to add utility to a new breed of NFT — and we knew these NFTs could be the perfect way for you to build a stack of your favourite tokens during the bear market.

This is why we’ve dived head-first into NFT farming, and we’re delighted to say that NFT farming is coming to Elitium… very, very soon

“What is NFT farming?” you ask.

Let’s answer that now.

What is NFT farming?

If you know about decentralised finance (DeFi), you’ll know about yield farming.

Yield farming is a way to generate APY from DeFi platforms by depositing digital assets into liquidity pools.

The concept is innovative because it means anyone with an internet connection can earn interest in cryptocurrency. But most DeFi platforms are confusing, and it can take a PhD to figure out how to use them.

This is the problem that NFT farming solves. NFT farming makes it as simple as possible for anyone to generate crypto rewards from yield farming. How so?

By boiling the process down into three short steps:

  1. You buy one NFT
  2. The cost of the NFT goes into select liquidity pools
  3. You get weekly crypto rewards in your wallet


In our minds — NFT farming offers the perfect token utility. You not only get to own a piece of genuine digital art.

You get to generate weekly crypto rewards for as long as you hold it.

NFT Farming: On Ethereum, Polygon, and elsewhere

If you read last week’s announcement, you’ll know you’ll be able to access NFT farming on Polygon (and you can buy the NFTs in MATIC, Polygon’s native cryptocurrency).

That said, Polygon isn’t our only focus.

You’ll also have the chance to use NFT farming on Ethereum, and it doesn’t end there. We’re talking to several blockchains, and we’ll announce two more next week. Ultimately, we’re looking to release 200 NFT farmers across all the top chains, each offering varying incentives.

So if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of the NFT farmers, you’ll be first in line for a lifetime’s supply of crypto rewards.

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