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How Businesses Can Find Financial Security At A Time of Unprecedented Uncertainty.


It’s a word we’re now all-too-familiar with. It’s how the medical community describes the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s how politicians describe the challenges they face. It’s how central banks refer to their stimulus packages.

…And it’s a word that’s slipped into the title of this post, too 😛

But it’s an appropriate descriptor. And times of unprecedented uncertainty call for unprecedented action, which is the driving force behind one of Elitium’s biggest innovations to date: Elitium Capital.

When we first started work on this digital share platform over one year ago, it started life as a way for real estate developers to raise funds in just a few steps, all thanks to the ingenuity of the blockchain.

But when the pandemic struck, real estate development ground to a halt. And it seemed Elitium Capital could be at risk too. Then, a second thought struck.

Given the crisis at hand, the efficiency of the Elitium Capital platform could be precisely what thousands of businesses need to ride out the storm. It could even safeguard their financial security.

We re-evaluated the proposition to align with emerging events. And today, Elitium Capital makes it simple for fundamentally valuable companies across sectors to raise funds in a quick, compliant, and efficient way.

This is how the blockchain can power investments.

Elitium Capital relies on a process called tokenization

Tokenization means turning a real-world asset — which could be a hotel, gold, or a technology product — into digital shares, which are then stored on a blockchain.

Asset owners can sell these digital shares to investors to raise funds. At the same time, investors reap the rewards of being a part-owner of such valuable assets (with the rewards coming from quarterly dividends, capital gains, or the benefit of holding a hyper-diversified investment portfolio).

In whichever way you look at it, the blockchain-based platform benefits all sides of the equation. And it could play a significant role in the coming months as the world’s economic engine tries to rediscover its drive.


Compliance. Security. Simplicity. 

You might still be thinking, ‘But what’s the need for the blockchain in all of this?” 

Well, to start with, the blockchain enables the process of tokenization. More importantly, it makes it easier for platforms like ours to ensure three aspects that are crucial to businesses and investors alike.

  • Compliance — the blockchain enables tokenization, while tokenization creates digital shares, and we make sure these digital shares comply with local regulations so that every party knows they don’t fall foul of the authorities.
  • Security — blockchains are secure by design, meaning investors know their investments are safe, and companies can have confidence in receiving the invested funds.
  • Simplicity — the process of creating and distributing shares, then ensuring the payment of dividends, is incredibly complex. But with a platform built on the blockchain, we can automate most actions and make life simple for all.

Beyond the above, the blockchain keeps the process transparent. Every detail, every document, every transaction, sits on a publicly visible platform — so both businesses and investors can see what’s happening behind the scenes, all thanks to the technology.

It’s old-world meets new.

Investing is a world in which not much has changed in a long time. 

Elitium Capital brings change to the table at a time when change is needed most. It gives businesses a clear path to financial security. It’s a way for investors to build a truly diversified portfolio in an entirely new asset class.

It marks a shift in the world of investments on the whole. In combining the traditional world of finance with the next wave of technology, Elitium Capital could soon create a new status quo.

A world in which the most deserving companies can access the capital they need while everyday investors see few limits as to how they can invest, but that’s all for the future — in terms of the here-and-now… 

Elitium Capital exists to help businesses shore-up against unprecedented uncertainty, and investors access high-quality assets at an attractive price.

Need to raise funds quickly? Head over to Elitium Capital today.