EUM Holds Firm During Troubled Times

Every market faces headwinds right now. Economic sanctions against Russia, in response to their unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, have put most assets under immense downward pressure. 

And the truth is: we’re in uncharted territory.

The conflict in Eastern Europe has accentuated the cryptocurrency market’s faltering start to 2022. But one thing we’ve spotted for the third time in three years is that, while the market stuttered, EUM performed better than most coins.

On February 24th, the day Russia invaded Ukraine, all top-20 coins collapsed by double digits while EUM dropped just 3% (white image); on February 25th, EUM was the only one with a 7-day gain (black image).


Interestingly, Elitium’s cryptocurrency has often eked out gains as other coins tracked down (or at the very least, its downward moves have been less pronounced). And the reason may be because Elitium’s platform yields remain stable, even in times of volatility. 

And that means clients can always expect a reliable return on their investments, whatever’s happening in the world.

This is the time to build

We appreciate that many people feel anxious right now, but let us tell you this. Bearish cycles are the perfect time to get your head down and build. And that’s what we’re doing at Elitium right now.

We have laser eyes on several core developments. And we know they’ll put us in the strongest possible position for when the world rediscovers its footing.

Here are three key projects in-flight right now:

  1. NFT BAZL: as featured in Bloomberg, the next NFT BAZL event is next week in Bahrain during the F1 kickoff! As an EUM holder, you can claim your ticket by contacting us on Telegram
  2. Token Migration: EUM is moving to BNB Chain to improve the client experience
  3. Elitium Card: a partnership announcement is on the horizon

On top of this — we’re onboarding dozens of new users every week, which helps to strengthen EUM’s value position, especially as clients take advantage of our tier model.

Rest assured: we’re more focused than ever.

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