Elitium Staking 2.0 Is Here. Are You Getting Your 6.5% Rewards?

Elitium launched its inaugural staking system in mid-2019.

The system boasted its own innovations (including fake-stake resistance). But it wasn’t as easy-to-use as we would have liked.

By early 2020, we were ready to launch Elitium Staking 2.0. But what makes this reinvigorated system so much better than its predecessor? And is it worth your while to take a look? Let’s dive into how it works, then you can decide for yourself.

A Step-by-step Guide To Elitium Staking

When we started reimagining Elitium staking, we approached it with one goal: to make the simplest staking system available in the world today.

We set ourselves a high bar. But in many ways, we think we’ve hit the target — here’s how easy it is to start staking EUM:

  1. Create an Elitium account
  2. Verify your identity (basically: upload 3 documents and wait 24 hours)
  3. Buy EUM using your credit card
  4. Opt to start staking automatically

The four steps above assume you’re new to Elitium, and you’ve yet to register with us.

If you already have an Elitium account, the process is even more straightforward: you can buy EUM with your credit card — or send EUM to your dashboard wallet — and start staking in one click.

As soon as you start staking, you’ll start getting up to 6.5% annual rewards, distributed on a monthly cycle.

The Benefits Of Staking In The Elitium Dashboard

The main benefit of staking in the Elitium dashboard is simplicity.

It’s no harder than setting up an Amazon account, linking a credit card, and buying a book in one click. Better still, there’s:

  • No minimum staking amount
  • No lock-up period
  • No hassle at all

In fact, we challenge you to find an easier-to-use product — staking or otherwise — in crypto.

That said, you may want to keep your crypto on an exchange, which is why we’ve partnered with Bitmart to let you stake EUM on Bitmart. It’s the perfect solution for traders who want to get up to 6.5% annual rewards while keeping their funds available to trade in seconds.

4 Steps — Up To 6.5% Luxury Crypto Rewards

It’s never been easier to start getting luxury crypto rewards.

Start staking a balance of EUM in just four steps, and up to 6.5% extra could be coming your way. If you’re interested in even higher rewards, you can invest in an Elitium Masternodemasternodes offer up to 25% EUM rewards per year.

All it takes is a 100,000 EUM investment upfront.

Get up to 6.5% luxury crypto rewards: stake EUM today.