If You Want To Know Why You Should Use Elitium, Check This.

There are thousands of blockchain platforms out there. 

According to Coinmarketcap, the number’s close to passing 6K (and that’s just those with an associated cryptocurrency). With so much choice, is it any surprise that people don’t know which cryptocurrency to use? And which to ignore? 

Perhaps not.

Still, while we understand the confusion, we can also try to clear things up by showing you why Elitium — and our cryptocurrency EUM — is a blockchain platform to start using today.

…Ready? Let’s begin.

Elitium Offers Up To 6.5% Staking Rewards

First up, Elitium offers one of the simplest staking programs in the world. What is staking? Well.

Staking means holding cryptocurrency in a designated wallet for a specified period. These funds are used by the network to support its operations. 

And for that, you get rewards. 

Elitium offers up to 6.5% staking rewards per year. And you can either stake EUM via your Elitium Dashboard; on cryptocurrency exchange Bitmart — or using the world’s best Bluetooth hardware wallet, CoolWallet.

Meaning all you have to do is buy EUM (on an exchange or using your credit card), store it in one of three staking wallets…

…and you can start getting up to 6.5% rewards.

Elitium Helps You Reinvest Your Rewards

So you can earn rewards, then what? With Elitium, you have several choices. 

We expect a fair few people will want to grow their balance even further. What better way to do that than by becoming the co-owner of a luxury resort in, say, the Caribbean?

Elitium is making this happen by developing an investment platform called Elitium Capital, which is due to launch in the not too distant future. When it does, it will let accredited investors buy digital shares in real-world assets.

Meaning you can become the co-owner of luxury resorts, upmarket hotels, and exclusive real estate dotted across the planet. With each investment paying dividends or offering a capital growth opportunity — maybe even both.

Elitium Even Lets You Spend Cryptocurrency

But what’s the use of having a balance of a currency that you can’t spend? With Elitium, that will never be the case.

We’re developing an Elitium App to make sure you always have a place to use your money, whether by buying unique products or booking exclusive experiences. 

The app includes a marketplace we call the Elitium Suite. It offers a specially-curated collection of luxury goods and services you won’t find anywhere else — and it will bring new meaning to the concept of luxury.

But what if you don’t want to buy anything in the Elitium Suite? We’ve got your back. 

We’ll soon release a luxury crypto card that will give you over 46 million other merchants with whom you can spend your cryptocurrency, wherever you are in the world.

Elitium Is A Full-Circle Economy

Ultimately, we’re building an ecosystem that will let you earn, invest, and spend

That’s why we see Elitium as a full-circle Digital Economy. But economies function best at scale. So, we’re offering our users more rewards for supporting our growth. 

If you’re interested in helping us reach more people, there are three ways to get involved and get more rewards:

  1. Refer & Earn: Perhaps the simplest — create an Elitium account, click ‘Refer & Earn’ and get a 3.5% commission every time a new user buys EUM in their dashboard using your referral code
  2. Growth Program: Write educational articles, create Facebook groups, and source new business partners to get your share of a pool of 1,000,000 EUM as part of the Elitium Growth Program
  3. Ambassadors: Take a more active role in our growth story, apply to become an Elitium Ambassador and get behind-the-scenes insights and exclusive stash from one of crypto’s most promising companies


We’re reaching an exciting stage in our journey. There are lots of big announcements to come in the next few months.

If you’ve been searching for your next crypto to try, stop. 

You’ve found it.


Start using EUM today: buy EUM with your credit card and start staking for up to 6.5% annual rewards.