The Different Tiers of Elitium Luxury – Which One Fits You?

The luxury lifestyle. Yachts. Private jets. Not a care in the world. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

The reality, however, is that the perks can come with just as many headaches.

In a world where things would be expected to be simple and hassle-free, this is often far from the truth. High-end experiences are plagued with excessive paperwork, contracts, and processes.

This is Where Elitium Saves the Day.

At last, through new technologies such as blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can minimize the administrative hassles.

Elitium uses these technologies and more to connect high-net-worth individuals with the best luxury brands. This all happens within a single platform, and removes unnecessary steps such as tedious paperwork from the equation.

The Elitium platform strives to be:

Accessible – The Elitium platform will be available as a mobile app, at your fingertips no matter where you are in the world.

Easy – New AI-based concierge services will simplify personal requests, and automate several aspects of everyday life. Forget the stress; planning finances, holiday bookings, birthday presents for loved ones, will now only be a simple request away.

Secure – Your information, transactions, and privacy will all remain safe on the Elitium Network. Everything is being built on top of blockchain technology, and utilize our own native EUM coin. This provides a tamper-proof foundation for the platform, and better peace-of-mind for all users.

A Cut Above: The Members’ Club

Of course, different people require different levels of luxury, customization, and assistance.

For this reason, we have a members club. This club is a more restricted network within the wider Elitium platform, which allows members exclusive access to a variety of features.

Elitium platform users already see a whole host of benefits from the platform. Members, on the other hand, will receive experience a cut above that. This includes 24/7 dedicated concierge services, powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, access to limited edition goods, and more.

Platinum or Diamond?

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