EUM Lists on STEX

Four weeks is a long time in crypto.

So, the fact EUM has been trading on a top-tier exchange for that long is something the whole community should be proud of – without your support, who knows if we’d be where we are, today.

That’s not to say we haven’t learned lessons from the BitMart listing (it taught us a lot), and we continue to learn every day.

But the progress is there for all to see.

  • EUM is live on a top-tier exchange
  • Our community is growing quickly
  • We have new features on the horizon
  • Our next listing is just around the corner


STEX is Next

As trading volume picks up on BitMart, the Elitium team has been hard at work on our next listing – as of Wednesday 20th March, you will be able to buy Elitium on the innovative multi-currency crypto-trading platform STEX.

STEX is a unique player in the crypto world. The exchange focuses on altcoins, so will help Elitium build momentum among the right communities.

Better still, STEX is very user-friendly.

In our eyes, it’s the perfect platform for EUM. The exchange will make it even easier for anyone, anywhere, to access the luxury lifestyle. STEX is also one of the most underrated cryptocurrency exchanges out there.

If the animated chat in our Telegram group is anything to go by, we know many Elitium supporters who would agree.

Get Ready to Buy

STEX is well-supported in the wider crypto-sphere and we look forward to what this new partnership could bring to the table. Be sure to have your Bitcoin at the ready for when the EUM-BTC trading pair goes live on Wednesday.

–Coin: EUM

–Exchange: STEX

–Pair: BTC-EUM only

–Date: 20/03/2019

In the meantime, we’re only ever an email away – feel free to share your thoughts.

Let’s build something special for the world to enjoy.

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