How One Mobile App Can Revolutionize the Luxury Industry

Gone are the days of administratively-intense processes in the luxury industry. The Elitium Lifestyle app is here to help you purchase luxury goods and services worldwide – all at the touch of a button.

We’re collaborating with a growing number luxury businesses around the globe, and bringing them all into one easy-to-use mobile app.

From luxury yachts and elite hotels, to exclusive networking events, the Elitium Lifestyle app will have you covered!

You’ll be able to securely manage transactions, your membership, and even on-demand concierge services.

The platform harnesses the benefits of blockchain technology and our native EUM token, for several advantages to security and peace-of-mind. You’ll be able to enjoy several features on the app;  anonymity of transactions, insured tokens, and a generous rewards system – all capped off with low fees.

We’ve even partnered with a mining business called CoinHive, which will enable users to actively mine EUM through your mobile phone or tablet, on the go!

Check out an overview of the Elitium Lifestyle App here.


VERA: Your AI Virtual Assistant

If you thought we couldn’t make things any easier for our users, our Virtual Executive Robot Assistant (VERA) will blow your expectations out of the water!

Leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, VERA will automate and streamline an entire range of day-to-day activities. VERA is designed to make your life easier by organizing anything including transport and birthday gifts, to holiday itineraries .

Take a look at what using VERA will look like, in our demo video below:


Discover the future of luxury — buy EUM today on Bitmart and STEX:

*EUM is listed on the above exchanges – the aim is to add 1-2 exchanges every month.