New This Week: Sneak Peek At The New NFT Farming App

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the Elitium NFT farming app.

Now, we never sit still here at Elitium. And the first conceptual designs of the in-app experience are taking shape.

We’ve decided to give you early access to the work, both to give you a real-time look at progress and to ask for your feedback. Once you’ve taken a look, if you have any thoughts, feel free to share them with the team.

Check the initial concepts below:

As you can see, the app covers more than just NFT farming. That’s because we want it to become your one-stop shop for everything Elitium.

Here’s some of the functionality we’ll include.

Elitium iOS App: Feature Set

NFT farming is just one part of the upcoming Elitium app.

There’ll be several other major features for users to enjoy, covering everything from fractionalised masternodes to the Elitium card.

Here’s a selection of the planned feature set:

1. NFT Farming

NFT farming will still be front and centre of the in-app experience. You’ll get to enjoy yield farming in its simplest form, generating weekly crypto rewards in over thirty different tokens, just for holding one NFT.

  • On Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom
  • Weekly crypto rewards in 30+ different tokens
  • Up to 200 different NFT farmers available


2. Boosted EUM Rewards

If you’ve ever wanted to run an Elitium masternode but couldn’t quite afford to, here’s your chance. The Elitium app will include fractionalised masternodes, enabling users to generate boosted EUM rewards, all without a sizable upfront investment. 

  • Invest in part of a masternode
  • Generate up to 26% annual EUM rewards
  • Sell the fractionalised digital asset after one year


3. Apple Pay Integration

The Elitium card is coming soon, and you’ll find it in the Elitium app. An Apple Pay integration will let you spend your crypto on the go, enabling you to take your virtual Elitium card with you wherever you travel.

  • Swipe and spend crypto
  • Supports a portfolio of tokens
  • Converts crypto at the point of sale


4. Exclusive In-app Features

We want to reward Elitium app users, so we’re planning to throw some exclusive perks into the mix. These could include boosted crypto rewards, unique platform features, or extra NFTs when you collect a certain number of farmers.

  • Get boosted weekly rewards
  • Access exclusive app-only airdrops
  • Unlock new platform functionality


That’s all we can share for now. Expect fast progress from this end as we race to get the Elitium app in your hands.

In the meantime, stay on top of updates by following Elitium on Twitter.

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