New This Week: ‘Powered By Polygon’

Last week, we hinted that we’re working on something BIG.

We’re still not quite ready to divulge the details, but we can reveal one aspect: we’ll be building the innovative solution on Polygon.

‘Why Polygon?’ you ask. Several reasons. On the one hand, Polygon has one of the most committed developer and user communities, so we know we’ll benefit from the scale of its reach and extent of its support.

On top of the above, the protocol’s low cost and high speeds will add another shining benefit to the product we’re bringing you.

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More about Polygon

Polygon believes in “web3 for all.”

The platform is a decentralised Ethereum scaling solution, enabling developers to build user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees and watertight security.

Adidas and Prada used it for an open metaverse project. Stripe chose it to enable crypto payments on Stripe Connect. Even Instagram saw Polygon as the perfect blockchain to power its foray into NFTs.

And that’s why it makes sense for Elitium to trust Polygon as the foundation for our upcoming NFT innovation.

This is a launch you won’t want to miss: follow us on Twitter for updates.

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