Elitium is a lifestyle

The Future of Luxury is more than a one-off experience.

It is a way of life. A sense of freedom. The time to bask in the finer things: a vintage wine, an evening with a loved one, that watch for a special occasion – yet even the smallest luxuries feel out of reach to many, where Elitium believes luxury should be within reach of all.

The Elitium Network bridges the gap to make luxury a lifestyle that anyone can choose.

  • An Executive Assistant on your smartphone
  • A rewards system that pays you for spending
  • Hidden gems and unique experiences on holiday
  • Gifts to surprise the unexpecting spouse

Seamless luxury enabled by a single application with a global network of brand partners and services at your fingertips; whatever you want, whenever you need, always available–to all.

Thanks to the blockchain, a long-lived dream has become a reality.

Discover the future of luxury — buy EUM today on Bitmart and STEX:

*EUM is listed on the above exchanges – the aim is to add 1-2 exchanges every month.


The Elitium Network

The Elitium Network connects consumers and brands in a managed ecosystem.

Sustainable Cryptocurrency

A native currency underpins the sustainability of the platform

Fiat Gateway
An Online ATM converts fiat into EUM and vice versa, in a secure environment
Tokenized Insurance
EUMI protects users against fraud with an additional layer of security
Transaction Anonymity
EUM transactions anonymize activity to resolve privacy concerns
Lifestyle App
An iOS/Android app offers a comprehensive luxury lifestyle experience
Virtual Concierge
AI-powered concierge offers
24/7 support
Member Benefits
Enjoy Elitium Member benefits with exclusive offers from luxury partners
Streamlined Luxury
Embrace the efficiency of smart contract technology


EUM exchange listings

Elitium Members use EUM to purchase luxury goods and services via the Elitium Network. EUM ensures a secure, easy-to-use, and low-cost payment service – settling international transactions almost immediately.

Buy EUM on the following exchanges:

*EUM is listed on the above exchanges – the aim is to add 1-2 exchanges every month.

EUM is currently an ERC20 coin. Elitium will transfer EUM onto EOS.IO after the launch of the Elitium lifestyle app at which point Elitium will swap ERC20 coins for EOS.IO coins 1-2-1.

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