5 Reasons To Buy Gold Using Elitium

Gold is a safe-haven asset. 

Still, some ways of owning gold are safer than others. 

When you invest in gold with Elitium, you get PAX Gold (symbol: PAXG): a digital token backed by allocated, physical gold. The gold in question is London Good Delivery gold bar, stored in Brink’s ultra-secure vaults.

The table below illustrates how PAXG offers the safest way to invest in gold today: outperforming both ETFs and futures.

As well as being better than buying the physical asset itself.

If the above is hard to digest, let’s boil down the details into five simple benefits.


Why PAXG Is The Perfect Investment For Elitium Users

Here are five reasons why buying PAX Gold through Elitium is the safest way to invest in gold today.

1. Low Minimum Investment: You can buy as little as $20 worth of gold using PAXG. Your purchase settles almost instantly. And given it’s an ERC-20 token, you can store PAXG in any Ethereum-compatible wallet and trade it on most exchanges.

2. Low Cost: PAXG costs nothing to store, while its fee structure is one of the most competitive you’ll find: transaction fees are an ultra-low 0.02% — with redemptions of tokens costing between 0.03 and 1% based on volume.

3. Own Real Gold: PAXG is the only digital token you can redeem for real gold bullion bars. Head to any physical gold retailer and get your hands on real gold (or request the dollar equivalent if that’s your preference).

4. Highly Trusted: Paxos acts as the trust company and custodian of your physical gold. The New York State Department of Financial Services regulates the trust, with monthly audits confirming the appropriate level of underlying gold storage.

5. Flexible: People appreciate the benefits of owning gold. But that’s not to say you’ll want to own it forever. With PAXG, it’s easy to convert gold to fiat in physical retailers or another digital asset on crypto exchanges.


If you’ve ever considered investing in gold, why not buy some today with Elitium?

Diversify your portfolio: buy Gold in the Elitium dashboard.