Perks of the Elitium Card

You Want Perks? The Elitium Card Has Many.

Every card issuer should know the customer is King (or Queen).

And they should treat cardholders as royalty, bestowing great gifts that pay the kind of respect that nobility deserves.

Sadly, it seems not every issuer understands this. But Elitium does. That’s why we offer perks to everyone, whether you choose a Black, Metal, or Diamond Elitium Crypto Card.

To learn more about the Elitium Card benefits on offer, read on.

Elitium Black Card Perks

The Black Card is our entry-level offering. But that’s not to say its perks are anything less than penthouse-suite-appropriate.

Up to 6.5% annual rewards on idle EUM balances are offered as standard (meaning if you hold 1,000 EUM on your card for one year, you’ll get up to 65 EUM rewards) — while you’ll never pay a card fee (that’s 0% fees on transactions, deposits, withdrawals, or FX).

On top of the above, you’ll get 5% cashback with leading brands, including Uber,, and Apple (up to a maximum of $100-a-year). 

Meaning you can spend on travel and goods and get up to $300 in savings.

Elitium Metal Card Perks

The Metal Card takes the perks up a notch.

The leveling-up starts with the addition of 0.5% cashback on all spending (that means pay for anything on your Metal Card, and you’ll get 0.5% of the purchase added to your EUM card balance). 

It includes similar savings on Uber and But the Metal Card offers 10% savings on Apple products (capped at $100 dollars-a-year).

Then, we shift gears entirely into more exclusive cardholder benefits:

  • Travel with Le Collectionist and get up to 5% cashback
  • Buy a watch from Bucherer for 5% EUM rewards
  • Stay in a luxury hotel, charter a luxury yacht, request a private jet — and know another 5% in EUM rewards will land on your card balance

…and if you’re looking for some personal care, the Metal Card offers 50% cashback on the wellness treatment of your choice, returning up to $500 in EUM to your card account.

Elitium Diamond Card Perks

The Elitium Diamond Card is the most exclusive card in crypto.

There are just 18 of these diamond-studded cards available, with each one offering an additional 25% annual EUM rewards to cardholders — alongside 1% cashback on everything you buy

Cardholders enjoy preferred access to select airport lounges in premier travel destinations.

Plus, a whole host of premium cardholder benefits:

  • 10% EUM cashback rewards on Uber and
  • 15% EUM cashback rewards on all Apple products
  • 10% EUM cashback rewards on Le Collectionist and other leading resorts
  • A more generous allowance of up to $1,000 off of jewellery, luxury yacht charters, and private jet transfers
  • As well as 10% cashback rewards on one money-can’t-buy Elitium experience

…and then, there’s the quintessential personal care allowance, delivering one free wellness treatment — up to a maximum value of $500.

Exclusive Perks For Exclusive Cardholders 

The perks offered by the Elitium Card are better than almost anything you’ll find elsewhere. 

If you disagree: get in touch with the team, and we’ll see what else we can add to the mix. You can find the full details (and the associated terms) of each-and-every member benefit by referring to the Elitium Card page.

We trust you’ll find the allowances are more than generous — and as we grow the proposition, the benefits will only grow as well.

Get more perks from your crypto card: request an Elitium Card today.