Crypto Stays Crypto

With Some Crypto Cards, You Miss Out On Price Gains. With The Elitium Card, You Don’t.

When you pocket the world’s number one luxury crypto card, you pocket a way to spend EUM and twelve other cryptocurrencies, wherever you are in the world.

You could be settling a bill for a coffee in the Himalayas. Or paying for a wellness retreat in Tulum. Still, the process is the same. 

Simply pull out your card, key in your details, and pay with your currency of choice from an extensive list:

Does this mean you have to pre-load the Elitium Card with a balance of your preferred cryptocurrency? Absolutely not.

Here’s how the payment process works.

Keep Your Crypto As Crypto

The Elitium Card doesn’t need a pre-paid balance to make payments. 

Instead, currency conversion happens at the point of sale. Meaning you get to keep your crypto as crypto, right up until you spend it — while merchants always receive the local currency.

The fact you don’t need to pre-load the card from your wallet offers several huge benefits. 

It lets you:

  1. Keep funds in your preferred cryptocurrency
  2. Exchange funds from one crypto to another
  3. Trade your crypto right up until you spend it

By keeping your crypto as crypto, you won’t lose out on potential trading opportunities. And you won’t lose out on potential value increases if the price of your preferred crypto goes up. 

Better still, with the Elitium Card, you’ll never have to lock your crypto as fiat on some pre-paid card (that’s really little more than a glorified voucher). All that, and shop owners still receive payment in the local currency.

It’s win-win, no matter where you are in the world.

Protect the value of your crypto: choose the world’s #1 luxury crypto card.