What is staking?

Explained in 3 simple steps

Staking is a simple way to earn rewards on your crypto.

Staking, and the concept of “Proof of stake” brings several advantages compared to the old “Proof of work” model, which for example is used by Bitcoin.

It is environmentally friendly, since the energy consumption is lower and there is no need to build a “mining farm” with complicated machines running to start earning crypto.

Instead you are helping to authorize the blockchain network, through validating transactions. This process happens fully automated and all you have to do is press one button once.

Now you are going to learn how easy it actually is to start staking and earn rewards on your crypto, explained by the example of Elitium’s native cryptocurrency EUM.

  1.  Simply deposit your coins into your staking balance by creating an account in the Elitium dashboard and verify your account for security reasons.
  2. Earn up to 6.5% rewards per year for holding EUM in your wallet
  3. Stay in full control over your funds and withdraw anytime


Put your EUM into a staking wallet and earn monthly rewards.


Earn up to 6.5% rewards per year, paid on a monthly cycle.


Withdraw your balance whenever you like, to spend how you like.

You don’t hold any Elitium yet?

No problem!

You can easily purchase EUM directly with your credit card through our dashboard or pay with 50 different crypto’s.

Create an account/Login here: https://www.elitium.io/dashboard

Alternatively you can currently purchase EUM either on Bitmart or Stex exchange.

What is Elitium? – Creating a digital economy

Elitium is made for visonaries who value freedom and independency. Imagine you are part of a decentralized ecosystem, powered by a currency you can hold, trade, spend and invest with… and you even get rewarded for holding it.

You can learn more about the Elitium staking program here:

Staking FAQs

Want to know more? Check our most frequently asked questions on staking

  • Staking simply means putting your funds in a specific wallet that supports the operations of a blockchain network.
  • Deposit some EUM into your Elitium staking wallet and you’ll start earning a reward — it couldn’t be simpler!
  • You can stake as many — or as few — coins as you want, then withdraw them whenever you want 🙂
  • Absolutely not! Our philosophy is: we want you to earn, so we never charge a thing when staking on our platform.
  • You can’t spend your balance while staked, but you can withdraw your EUM at any time, then spend them straight away.
  • We offer 6.5% rewards, on average, per year. So if you stake your balance for 12-months, it will grow by ~6.5%.

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