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Discover Elitium.

Elitium is your Digital Economy to live a life of independence, value, and growth. Powered by the no. 1 coin in the luxury industry, EUM. 

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Comprehensive Global Platform
Luxury experiences, exclusive investments, secure payments, personal concierge: all powered by the blockchain — all in one borderless ecosystem
Real-World Use Cases
Low-cost, low-friction cryptocurrency; up to 6.5% staking rewards; cashback on card spend at 46m+ merchants — and much, much more
Smart Contract Efficiencies
Merging business and the blockchain for quicker, easier processes that will first transform luxury — before eventually changing the world

Everything At Your Fingertips

We are building blockchain-based solutions that solve real-world problems related to currency, to finance, to how people enjoy their everyday lives.
A Digital Economy spanning investments and luxuries that will alter your expectations around what currency can do.

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Get in direct touch with the Team
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A New Era In Digital

After all, currency has moved from gold to paper, paper to a cashless society. Now, it needs to turn digital. Elitium’s native cryptocurrency EUM is making that happen.

It’s powering an ecosystem of solutions that will reinvent how people interact with money. Putting fast, low-cost, and secure transactions in everyone’s hands — unlocking a new era of freedom for all.

Use crypto’s simplest staking platform to get up to 6.5% annual EUM rewards
Trade EUM against BTC or ETH pairs on the world’s leading top-tier exchanges
Spend EUM in 46m+ stores using your Elitium Card and get cashback on every purchase
Invest in luxury real estate or valuable assets via Elitium Capital: our Digital Share Platform

Discover Independence, Value, And Growth.

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Over 46 million Ways To Use EUM

Elitium Staking

Crypto’s Simplest Staking Program

Stake EUM to receive rewards for supporting the network. Stop staking whenever you want. No minimum, no lock-up, no fuss.

  • Stake EUM in 1-click
  • Get up to 6.5% annual rewards
  • Stop staking at any time

Create an account in 3 steps. Start staking in 1 click.

Buy EUM now

You can buy EUM in the Elitium App or on your preferred exchange.

Click logo to start the buying process

Elitium Card

Spend Crypto On Two Continents

Enter the world of luxury, spend EUM anywhere that accepts Visa, and earn cashback on everything you buy.

  • Accepted in 46m+ shops across the USA and Europe
  • No fees on transactions or deposits
  • Launching later this year
Learn more

Elitium Suite

Trips. Offers. Events.

Discover money-can’t-buy experiences through a curated Suite — exclusive to Elitium members.

  • Sleep beneath the ocean’s surface
  • Take a day-trip to the White Desert of Antarctica
  • Launching early 2021
Learn more

Explore Modern Investing.
Discover Elitium Capital.

Stocks and shares limit you to investing in public companies. With Elitium Capital, there are no limits. We handpick real-world assets for you to trade as you want — making it easy for you to build a truly diversified portfolio.

Note: The project in the image above is a placeholder. The first projects will be communicated once Elitium Capital is officially launched.

Your Digital Economy

A world in which all the products, partners, major wallet providers, and crypto-focused tools combine to form your Digital Economy.

An ecosystem where you can stake, spend, invest, and trade — with EUM available on at least three top-tier global exchanges, signalling the start of the mass adoption of EUM as digital cash throughout Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.

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EUM Is Digital Money

ERC-20 Protocol
Fast, low-cost, borderless transactions.
Registered Utility Token
Confirmed by Memorandum of Advice.
Limited supply and inflation resistant.
Total Supply: 332.2m

And it will power Elitium’s business models, generating the constant, reliable revenue streams required to consistently grow and expand what our Digital Economy can do.

  • Partner commissions on transactions
  • Setup fees for new clients
  • Listing fees on Elitium Capital
  • BaaS platform access fees
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Luxury. Blockchain. Legal.

Raoul Milhado
    Raoul Milhado
    Founder & CEO

    Motivating leader & highly driven entrepreneur with years of international experience in the world of digital marketing, mobile apps, technology and web development. By joining the yachting industry in 2016, he has built up the perfect skill-sets and experience to lead and manage the company Elitium.

  • Jean-Pierre Morand
      Jean-Pierre Morand
      Founder & CTO

      The technical specialist and leading blockchain expert with over 20 years of IT experience. He has always been on the forefront of new and innovative technology, a great example is his leading of projects on mass adoption of internet in France in 1999. Moreover, he will ensure the continuity of the technology developments of Elitium.

    • Collin Nicolaas Gelevert
        Collin Nicolaas Gelevert
        Chairman & CFO

        Highly experienced financial expert with years of experience in creating international company structures and applying “out of the box” business solutions. With over 30 years of experience he will be dedicated to building the company structure and cover the financial and legal strategy in all its aspects.

      • Technology

        Fourteen domain specialists work full-time on Elitium Capital, with Jean Pierre leading the Elitium core build.


        Nine team members focus on operations, business development, marketing, and brand development.

        Join The Digital Economy

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        A Moment Of Inspiration To Blockchain Revolution


        The Pilot

        It’s 2017. Crypto is finding its way into the mainstream. Still, there’s nowhere to spend it. That was soon to change. Boatsters was working on a payments solution to bring crypto to yacht charters. Raoul contacted JP.

        A meeting was arranged. Several months later, the first peer-to-peer crypto wallet was online, and clients could pay for a yacht charter using one of 55 different cryptocurrencies.

        The Groundwork

        The wallet proved a success. Clients used it, partners wanted it. But Raoul set his sights on something bigger: a solution that could serve the entire luxury industry. JP and Raoul partnered with Collin to set wheels in motion.

        They created Elitium, a Gibraltar-registered company. Then, they developed EUM: a cryptocurrency that would soon upend the world of both luxury and finance.

        The Build

        With the foundations in place, it was time to get on and build. First, this meant finding the right team. Then came the first products: a v1 staking system, a dashboard bringing more users into what would soon become a far-reaching Elitium ecosystem.

        2019 was a rough year for many in crypto; Elitium used the time to get their heads down and build, build, build.

        The Launch

        Three years in, it’s time to show the world the vision we’ve worked so hard to turn into a reality. A revamped staking program. A pioneering Growth program. The crypto card that lets users spend EUM wherever they like.

        The FinTech innovation that is Elitium Capital. 2020 has had its own challenges, but the team is facing them head-on, working hard, and starting to live up to ambitions.


        2020 And Beyond At Elitium


        • Elitium Concept Launch

          Elitium founders assess potential for luxury-focused crypto

        • Pilot Solution Launch

          Wallet-to-wallet payments solution launched — letting clients of Boatsters rent yachts with one of 55 cryptos

        • Whitepaper Published

          Raoul & JP found Elitium after test-case success — including website, platform design & technical demonstration

        • Private Pre-sale

          Initial investment raised

        • EUM Created

          Ethereum-based ERC20 coin developed

        • Official Company Registration

          Elitium Ltd. set up as Gibraltar organization

        • Bitmart Exchange Listing

          Global Digital Asset Trading Platform BitMart

        • STEX Exchange Listing

          Innovative multi-currency trading platform STEX

        • Inaugural Elitium Event

          Elitium members’ event — trackside at F1 Monaco Grand Prix

        • CoinMarketCap Listing

          EUM accepted by and listed on CMC

        • Public Launch

          Masternodes available for purchase by the general public — releasing 2 masternodes every 6 months up to a total of 18

        • Product Launch

          Elitium Dashboard

        • Development Kick-off

          Develop the first smart contract — for use on a yacht charter with Boatsters Black

        • Market Cap Milestone

          EUM hits $4m market capitalization despite no ICO

        • Staking Program Launch

          Official Release of EUMS Staking Program — including a local staking wallet with the dual-blockchain fork of PIVX

        • Prototype Elitium App

          Alpha prototype demo of the Elitium app

        • Market Cap Milestone

          EUM hits $10m market capitalization despite no ICO

        • Elitium Capital Development

          Kick-off meeting between Elitium and Syncrasy and finalization of product development plans

        • Elitium Card Concept

          Announcing the Elitium card used to spend EUM in the real world

        • Elitium Capital Prototype

          Prototype version with basic UI/UX and ability to execute end-to-end tokenization process

        • Staking v2 Launch

          Updated staking program — with industry-first ease-of-use and accessibility one dashboard, no manual EUM-EUMS coin swap

        • Credit Card Payment Solution

          Buy EUM with your credit card in your dashboard

        • Elitium Capital Demo

          First platform demonstrations with select asset owners of exclusive real estate

        • Updated Elitium White Paper

          New version of the Elitium Whitepaper — updated on product development and introducing the “Digital Economy”

        • Elitium Capital Soft Launch

          Release of public website and Elitium Capital Whitepaper

        • Online Interface

          Track masternode performance in one overview — as easy to review as the staking balance

        • Indian exchange listing
        • Smart Contract Showcase

          Execute the custom smart contract — on a yacht charter with Boatsters Black

        • Beta Release

          Beta version released on iOS App Store and Google Play — offering staking and account management

        • Elitium Capital Early Access

          Launch the digital share platform for investors to register interest and request early access

        • Europe & USA Launch

          Ship first cards to customers in the EU and the USA — making EUM spendable across two continents

        • European exchange listing
        • First Luxury Hotel Tokenization

          Elitium Capital launches with a select investment project — offered to Elitium Capital users exclusively

        • Mobile Payments Integration

          Users can use their Elitium card to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay

        • Top-tier global exchange listing #1
        • Virtual Wallet Release

          Elitium offers a virtual wallet for all cryptocurrencies — under Estonian licenses

        • Elitium Suite Release

          Marketplace for unique luxury experiences from selected partners

        • Integrate Smart Contracts With Elitium Suite Partners

          Exclusively available to partners with listings on the Elitium app

        • Cashback Program Launch

          Elitium cardholders start getting cashback on every transaction

        • More Supported Currencies

          Spend up to 14 different cryptocurrencies with one card

        • Elitium Capital Update

          Add 24/7 trading capability to allow investors to buy and sell tokens of funded projects

        • Elitium Business Launch

          Use of smart contracts and BaaS solutions to enable rapid scaling of partners listed on the Elitium app

        • Expand Elitium Capital Portfolio

          Onboard more exclusive investment opportunities — allowing users to buy digital shares in real-world assets to build a truly diversified portfolio

        • Global Launch

          Ship cards worldwide — excluding countries with crypto restrictions

        • Peer-to-peer Payments

          Send crypto to others using an email address

        • Top-tier global exchange listing #2
        • Capacity Reached

          All masternodes purchased — 18 powering Elitium’s distributed network.

        • Vera Release

          Launching the Virtual Executive Robot Assistant — with basic machine learning capabilities

        • Elitium Suite Partner Onboarding

          Integration of first luxury partners — offering experiences, goods and services inside the Elitium app

        • US exchange listing
        • App Integration

          Integrate the card dashboard into the Elitium app — making it part of the Digital Economy

        • Elitium Business Scaling

          Offering Blockchain-as-a-Service to external global corporations

        • Vera Update

          Expanding her AI-capabilities to include a broader range of actions: manage day-to-day appointments, personal finances, reservations

        • Elitium Digital Economy

          Through the combination of all individual products and features, Elitium’s Digital Economy reinvents the way you interact with money

        • Tokenization Mass Adoption

          Critical mass achieved as issuers can easily create shares for assets with minimal compliance checks, opening up tokenization to smaller asset classes,

        Your Time Is Now
        Independence. Value. Growth.

        The Digital Economy offers it all. And Elitium has built it for everyone to use.

        That’s why it’s so simple. We exist to serve anyone who enjoys life on their own terms. The people who refuse to let others dictate how they live. Buy EUM with your credit card. Start staking in one click. Explore superyachts and luxury hotels on the blockchain.

        Live it all with Elitium. Start living by creating an account.

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