Elitium Artifical Intelligence

What Can Artificial Intelligence Bring To Elitium?

From the outset, Elitium CEO Raoul knew that artificial intelligence would play a role in his vision. And while it might be some time before you have a fully-fledged, AI-powered Bot to guide you around the Elitium Digital Economy

It won’t be all that long before you get a taste of how machine learning will enhance your Elitium experience.

Teaser over — it’s time to see what’s to come.

Your Very Own Virtual Executive Robot Assistant

Elitium is more than a FinTech company. We’re developing technological innovations, the likes of which the world hasn’t seen before.

The strategy includes using cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence to enhance traditional offerings, including personal concierge services, which brings us to an introduction — say ‘Hello’ to Vera.

Vera will be Elitium’s in-house, AI-enabled virtual executive robot assistant. There to help with everything from booking luxury experiences to optimizing your investment portfolio. 

She will make your life tick like clockwork, freeing you to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy in life: time with family and friends, time on a yacht, time spent on a submarine adventure in the Caribbean.

How can Vera make this possible?

All thanks to AI.

What Is AI? And How Can It Benefit You?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to intelligent behaviors performed by machines. 

Typically, AI involves a computer mimicking human cognitive functions (e.g., problem-solving, learning, automation), allowing a program to interpret its environment, take action, and maximize the chance of a successful outcome.

Elitium can use AI to power Vera, creating a program that can carry out routine tasks effectively and accurately, offer accurate recommendations, and perform rigorous investment analysis.

Well, the last one might be for the future — in terms of the here-and-now, you can expect three benefits:

24/7 Support

For now, Elitium intends to use AI to improve your experience of the Elitium App. Vera will be a 24-hour presence: around to answer basic queries in seconds and always ensuring a highly-attentive service.

The fact Vera doesn’t need to sleep means you’ll never be left waiting — while if you ever need the human touch, she can always send for back-up.


Then there’s the question of personalization. Luxury should always feel personal, yet it’s hard for new service providers to truly understand your preferences. 

At least, it was — then we found artificial intelligence. We’re now able to analyze data and create ever-more personalized, ever-more exceptional customer experiences, even if someone’s new to a platform.

Meaning once you’ve downloaded the Elitium App and added a few basic details, Vera will find recommendations that perfectly reflect what you like.


Finally, we can use AI to add more layers of automation. 

If you’ve already read about our custom smart contracts, you’ll know we’re dedicating time to streamlining the yacht chartering process: everything from identity verification to payments to contract handling.

As we evolve the capabilities, we can combine them with Vera to make ticket bookings, hotel reservations, even finding last-minute events — as simple as sending an SMS.

Arriving Sooner Than You Think

You may think this all sounds like a bit of a moon-shot. 

The plans are ambitious, for sure. However, they’re well underway. And we hope to have Vera ready-and-waiting in the app by the second half of 2021. If you can’t wait that long, we have good news.

A beta version of the Elitium App will be ready in the coming months — in the meantime, you can read what’s to come in our latest whitepaper.

Learn all about Vera’s AI capabilities: read the Elitium whitepaper today.