Elitium Digital Economy

What Are The Four Pillars Of The Elitium Digital Economy?

The Elitium Digital Economy is an ecosystem of products that helps users create value using our cryptocurrency, EUM

Given what users can do within it, the Digital Economy lends significant value to EUM. And the fact that our digital currency underpins all four pillars could make our cryptocurrency very appealing to society at large.

The infographic below visualizes what these four pillars enable. If you’d like more detail, keep reading.

Hold, Spend, Trade & Invest

As you’ve just seen, the four pillars of the Digital Economy are Hold, Spend, Trade, and Invest. But what do these words mean in practice? Let’s dive into the details of each one to find out.

Pillar One: Hold

The first pillar reflects how users can create value by holding a balance of EUM. There are two products in particular that each play a pivotal role.

Elitium Staking lets users hold a balance of EUM in a designated staking wallet. And Elitium offers stakers up to 6.5% annual EUM rewards because staking supports the operations of our blockchain network.

Our staking system is one of the simplest in the industry. You can start staking in just one click if you already have an Elitium account. And so staking limits and no lock-up period means you can stake and withdraw whatever you want, whenever you want.

That said, If you’re looking to stake more than 100,000 EUM, you may want to request to run an Elitium masternode.

For those who prefer to avoid the inherent volatility of crypto staking, Elitium Stable Savings is a second great option for holding. Stable Savings is Elitium’s crypto savings account, offering an interest of 3.4%.

It uses the DeFi flash-loans protocol to guarantee the fixed interest rate, eliminating volatility and ensuring a high-liquidity savings option.

Pillar Two: Spend

There’s little value in holding currency if you can’t spend it. The Elitium Card ensures you can spend up to twelve different cryptocurrencies in over 46 million shops worldwide.

Cardholders can choose between three tiers, including a Black and Metal Card, with each one offering slightly different perks, and the metal card requiring a minimum deposit of 5,000 EUM. 

Or you can invest 100,000 EUM in an Elitium Masternode and get a diamond-studded crypto credit card in return.

The Diamond Card includes the same benefits as the first two, including:

  • IBAN integration
  • 6.5% staking on idle EUM funds
  • Cashback on Uber, Apple, and Booking.com

Plus, cardholders get an additional 1% cashback on all spending — alongside a credit line of $10,000 that you can repay using the 25% EUM rewards offered by masternodes.

Pillar Three: Invest

Holding and spending cryptocurrency are valuable in their own right. But what if you want to enhance the value of your crypto rewards? 

That’s where Pillar 3 of the Digital Economy comes. And it relates to Elitium Capital.

Elitium Capital is Elitium’s tokenization platform. It lets accredited investors buy digital shares in real-world luxury assets, like hotels and resorts. In return, digital shareholders can expect annual dividends paid when the hotel starts to generate a profit.

And just like with typical stocks, shareholders can also sell their digital shares for a capital gain should the hotel token increase in value over time.

Pillar Four: Trade

Pillars one through three relate to creating value. 

But you need a way to capture that value if you so wish, which is why the final pillar holding up the Elitium Acropolis is trading.

Being able to trade EUM for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether lets you extract value from the Elitium ecosystem because, ultimately, Elitium wants to make it as easy as possible for users to trade both in and out of EUM. 

You can buy EUM in the dashboard directly with your credit card, then use any of our existing exchange partners to convert your EUM back into your currency of choice.

These Four Pillars Support The Value Of EUM

Given its utility spans four pillars: it’s little surprise that EUM has performed so well against nearly every other asset, even during the unfolding global crisis.

Our coin’s popularity only continues to grow in the cryptocurrency space. And if the surge carries on, EUM could one day become one of the most attractive digital currencies for real-world use.

It could even spur the adoption of the world’s first Digital Economy.

Discover what else the Digital Economy entails: read the whitepaper for more details or create an account to explore it yourself.