Welcome To NFT BAZL: The New Way To Invest In Art

NFT BAZL is changing the art market. Thanks to this groundbreaking exhibition, there are now no barriers to investing in top-tier works.

Simply turn up at an event, swipe your phone over any masterpiece you like, confirm your payment details in the Elitium NFT marketplace — et voilà. The artwork is yours, ready for delivery right away.

So if you’re looking to buy your first masterpiece or add to your collection: it’s high time you came to NFT BAZL.

Here’s a selection of the artists you’ll get to see.

Artists in residence at NFT BAZL

When NFT BAZL hosted its inaugural Miami event in June, specialist curator EO Art Concierge secured some huge names.

Creatives like Diogo Snow, Max Jamali, and Daniel Mazzone arrived in the USA, delivering upwards of one hundred pieces that set The Temple House exhibition space alight. And at the second event in Dubai, the line-up is just as intriguing.

Prolific portraitist Mario Henrique brings his signature fascination with human behavior to the fore, capturing the brief glances, impermanence of facial expressions, and sudden movements on a digital canvas.

While Hijack — arguably one of the most talked-about up and coming artists in the contemporary art scene — injects a healthy dose of brilliant imagination. 

And given that the likes of Alea Pinar Du Pre, Super Buddha, Transparent, and more will also be in residence, you’re sure to find a work that fits your taste. Better still, whether your preferred piece is a digital display or a giant installation.

The Elitium NFT marketplace makes buying art as effortless as can be.

How to buy art with Elitium

NFT BAZL uses the Elitium NFT marketplace to enable collectors to buy art and, should the need arise, sell it on the secondary market.

If the work is digital, collectors can buy the NFT, then transfer the artwork to wherever they choose. If the work is physical, collectors still get an NFT (courtesy of SmartSeal’s innovative NFC technology), and you can then have the piece sent straight to your home.

This is how to buy if you attend NFT BAZL in-person:

  1. Find an artwork you like
  2. Swipe your smartphone over the masterpiece
  3. See the artwork in the Elitium NFT marketplace
  4. Name your price in your preferred currency

There’s nothing more to it — meaning in a matter of seconds, you could be the proud owner of an exclusive Floyd Mayweather Jr. NFT.

And even if you don’t attend NFT BAZL in-person, nothing is stopping you from buying. Just log into the marketplace and place your bid. And if you’re on the money, the piece will soon be yours.

Experience the new way to invest in art: join Elitium at NFT BAZL.