This Is How Elitium Can Become The Modern Bank Of Web3

Decentralised finance has shown the world what the blockchain can do. 

Generous APYs, instant collateral-backed loans, even self-repaying loans: this is what you can achieve when you remove burdensome overheads.

The challenge is — fully decentralised financial services only appeal to a subset of the world’s population. For the rest of us, there’s a peace of mind in knowing that someone can help you if we lose money, suffer from fraud, or need investment advice. 

Thoughtful personalised service is what allowed banks to rise to dominate the modern world, and while 2008 has destroyed confidence in traditional finance.

There’s value in bringing early TradFi service into DeFi.

TradFi service meet DeFi yields

Elitium wants to create a platform with roots in banking tradition, but making the most of blockchain innovation.

The vision reflects a new era in finance. Ultimately, we’re working to deliver a step-change in retail banking and wealth management, helping consumers escape low-yield products without sacrificing human-to-human interaction.

We believe that if we focus on:

  • A world-class onboarding process
  • Best-in-class security and asset offerings
  • A hands-on, client-centric service

We’ll prove to the world that decentralised finance is not only financially rewarding. It can feel just as familiar as any banking experience.

And to be clear, there’ll be no sacrifices at any level. We will continue to work with absolute regulatory oversight, with all the necessary licences and infrastructure needed by this sort of institution.

What’s more, we’ll supplement standard services, like direct deposits, direct debits and credit cards with their more pioneering blockchain counterparts.

What will this mean for clients?

The beauty of what we’re building is that it won’t impact existing clients. 

You’ll still enjoy the personalised service, savings plans, and NFT marketplace. But by building with more traditional services in mind, doors to innovate will open.

Think active and passive funds, tokenized real estate, asset-backed securities. And what about applying NFTs to real estate, even re-imagining how mortgages work. 

Given this will all sit on top of white-glove DeFi wealth management advice, less experienced users will always have help on-hand, so we’d expect Elitium to play a significant role in onboarding users into web3.

There’s plenty of work to be done to make this vision a reality. But we have had several promising conversations with potential partners and we’re making steps every day.

This may sound like a moonshot, but we’re confident we can get there.