There is no weakness

There Is No Weakness A Strong Team Can’t Overcome.

When you build a blockchain company, you have to face up to a fact.

There’s a limited pool of expertise available to you. That’s how life is when you work with a technology that’s just over ten years old. So what can you do to overcome a potential weakness? You double-down on your strengths and work to plug the gaps.

Elitium’s core strength is its team. And the more time we spend working on the blockchain, the stronger we get.


Strength Through Diverse Experience

Elitium has more experience than most in blockchain matters. 


Meet Jean-Pierre Mornad — Elitium Co-founder & CTO

Our Chief Technical Officer Jean-Pierre Morand has been working with the tech since its early days. In fact, he’s been mining, building, and innovating on the blockchain since the early 2010s. And he understands the possibilities as well as anyone. But if JP represents our blockchain expertise, where else do our strengths lie?

In the business and creative backgrounds of a diverse, yet focused team — backed by the combined 50 years’ luxury experience of our two other co-founders.


Meet Raoul Milhado — Elitium Co-founder & CEO

Raoul has been working in technology since his teens (don’t ask us his age, but that gives him a lengthy resume in tech). And his early start helped turn him into the driven entrepreneur and visionary leader he is today. 

In 2017, Raoul spearheaded the digitally-driven luxury yacht charter platform Boatsters’ move into crypto. And that was the step that paved the path to Elitium.

Raoul backs up novel ideas with grounded thinking earned from a lifetime in digital marketing, app and web development, and business development. Now, he’s combining what he knows with who he knows (Raoul has an extensive network of contacts across the luxury world) to bring his vision for a Digital Economy to life.


Meet Collin Nicolaas Gelevert — Elitium Chairman & CFO

Collin was the third founding member of Elitium. And his knowledge is an indispensable strength of the team. 

He knows the world of finance inside out thanks to his 30+ years working with numbers. At the same time, his ability to create company structures that fit local and international regulatory frameworks has been crucial in scaling the Elitium operation to include ventures like Elitium Capital.

Collin also holds significant interests in the hospitality sector. To say he knows the right people to help with Elitium’s growth strategy is something of an understatement.


Meet — The Elitium Core Team

If our executives know about our core niches of luxury and technology, the other six full-time team members cover everything from operations, compliance, creative, marketing, design, and social media.

And alongside these six, sit our joint venture partner Syncrasy.

Syncrasy is the team of blockchain specialists working on the Elitium Capital Joint Venture. They bring a wealth of experience managing and scaling blockchain enterprises in one of the hottest markets for the industry right now (they were responsible for bringing wholesale cryptocurrency trading to India).

Given their background, Syncrasy has the specific know-how to make our digital share trading platform an unbridled success.


From Strength To Strength

Elitium is building something unique, the likes of which no-one has tried before.

Therefore, we need a diverse skill set to progress. Anytime we identify a gap, we scour our extended and hidden networks (another core strength: we know lots of good people in our sector) to find the right talent. 

We always hire selectively (just because we know someone, it doesn’t mean we’ll employ them). And we only onboard those we are confident will offer an outsized contribution to our mission. 

It’s the strategy that has allowed us to go from strength to strength.

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