The Ultimate Lifestyle

There’s a paradox in luxury. We long for indulgence, simplicity, an abundance of unique experiences at our fingertips, all without stress. Yet as aspirations grow, so does the paperwork and process, we must endure to realize the dream.

The Elitium Network redresses the balance.

A unique ecosystem that presents luxury as you wish it to be — bringing together top-end partners and Elitium Members in a single app to put a wealth of luxury experiences in the palm of your hand.

A superyacht at the tap of a screen, scan a QR code and set sail. Private islands available upon request, pick a time and relish absolute privacy. Personal concierge on demand, grab your phone and see needs fulfilled in an instant, any time of day. And what about that exclusivity? 

With Elitium, members-only parties at the Monaco Grand Prix are nothing less than the norm.

As the Elitium Network is exclusive. It is the only app in the world to connect a global user base with leading luxury brands in a curated ecosystem — meaning the world can benefit from seamless access to luxury goods and services through a single platform, anywhere in the world.

Offering value to the world sits at the heart of Elitium’s mission:

  • Members’ Rewards: EUMX is the loyalty coin of the Elitium Network, rewarding you for spending within the ecosystem for another reason to stick with the network.
  • Partner Services: Partners benefit from Elitium’s value-added solutions, and can offer customers a low-cost, secure payments system in the form of EUM.
  • Invest a balance: Invest in the network by staking a balance of EUMS, and receive 6.5% rewards until you choose to withdraw your funds.
  • Hodl for long-term gains: Watch Elitium emerge as the world’s #1 lifestyle platform, powering EUM to become luxury consumers digital currency of choice.

Enabled by the blockchain — the Elitium Network redefines luxury for the digital age.

EUM enables fast, secure and low-cost transactions within the network

Access your currency of choice with instant EUM <–> Fiat conversion

Buy luxury goods and services from a global network with super-low fees

Trade EUM, Stake EUMS, and redeem EUMX in a network that benefits all

Members’ Club


Elitium invites those seeking elevated luxury to join the Elitium Members’ Club: an exclusive club within the wider Elitium Network that offers unrestricted access to a unique way of life — reserved especially for you.

  • Purchase limited edition products and one-time luxury branded goods
  • Revel in restricted access to the world’s leading sporting, fashion and media events
  • Discover the joy of an AI-powered personal assistant with 24/7 dedicated concierge

Elevate your lifestyle courtesy of the Elitium Network