Interview | Elitium’s Role In The Future of Blockchain

—“We’re not building an ecosystem to last just five, ten years.”

—“Elitium is going to be here, forever.”


It’s a refreshing attitude in the blockchain-world.

A co-founder who’s building with a long-term vision. It’s his focus on longevity that sets Elitium apart — in truth, it’s the same strategy Raoul has spoken about since the inception of our luxury lifestyle proposition.

In a world of 2,600+ cryptos, it can only be a matter of time until the majority implode: plummeting to zero, gone for good.

And what about EUM? It’s on the verge of breaking into CoinMarketCap’s top-400.

…then what?

First, listen to Raoul — then, you can decide what the future holds in store.

Watch Raoul Milhado On The Future of Blockchain

Elitium is building a next-generation luxury ecosystem — join Raoul as he discusses what it takes to realize such a vision.

In this six-minute interview, he offers his take on:

  • How a blockchain-innovation led to Elitium
  • What the platform offers investors, users, and partners
  • The exclusive offers available within the Elitium ecosystem
  • Why Elitium’s multi-protocol strategy is a game-changer
  • Where staking sits within the product roadmap
  • How Elitium has designed a unique blockchain
  • The benefits of building on EOSIO
  • Why today’s blockchains are akin to the internet of 1995


Watch the video, below.


Create Your Future

The Elitium platform will be for all to use.

Until the app makes its debut towards the end of 2019, create your luxury future by buying EUM on CryptoBridge.