Elitium Card

Spend 12 Cryptocurrencies Worldwide Using The First-Ever Luxury Crypto Debit Card, Here’s How

The Elitium Crypto Debit Card has landed. 

It’s the first luxury Crypto Debit Card of its kind. And it’s bringing all the benefits of crypto, both to your front pocket and to your smartphone.

The Elitium Crypto Debit Card has no fees, it’s easy to use, and offers a super-secure way to hold your funds beyond the reach of any third party. If you’re looking for a smart way to store and spend crypto, this could be the ideal crypto debit card for you.

Read on to learn how it works — and why you’ll want to use it.

Spend 12 Cryptocurrencies Worldwide

With the Elitium Crypto Debit Card you can spend twelve different cryptocurrencies almost anywhere that accepts card payments, anytime. You’ll be able to pay with EUM, BTC, ETH, XLM, and eight other cryptocurrencies in all of them.

The card stores your crypto as crypto right up until the moment you use it, preserving the value of your funds. This set-up is different from most cards on the market. 

It means you won’t have to load a prepaid card from your wallet. Or convert your cryptocurrencies into fiat. As a result, you can keep trading your funds until the second you spend. 

Yet, merchants will still receive the local currency thanks to point-of-sale conversion.

Up To 6.5% Rewards With Up To 1% Cash Back

The Elitium Crypto Debit Card also makes your money work for you.

If you hold a balance of EUM in your card wallet, Elitium will automatically stake idle funds and credit your balance with up to 6.5% annual rewards, paid straight into your account every month.

All you have to do is deposit EUM into your virtual wallet. Then you’ll be free to spend the extra funds whenever and wherever you like.

Better still, the Elitium Crypto Debit Card will pay cashback on all spending, depending on which tier of card you hold. There are three tiers to pick from — Black, Metal, and Diamond — with Metal paying 0.5% and Diamond offering 1% cashback on whatever you buy.

Even the Black Card will include limited cashback deals: you’ll get 5% back when you spend with UberX, Booking.com, and Apple up to a maximum of $50 per year.

The Metal Card offers even more generous deals across a broader range of luxury partners — with the Diamond Card delivering free wellness treatments alongside discounted access to both private jet and superyacht charters.

A Smarter Way To Manage Your Money

Ultimately, the Elitium Card offers a smarter way to manage your money.

Use your IBAN to pay your salary straight into a decentralized account, knowing that no bank, no authority, not even Elitium, can touch your funds. And enjoy the benefits of SEPA in full confidence that transactions are both private and anonymous.

Idle funds will return up to 6.5% in annual staking rewards — all-the-while you’ll pay: 

  • 0% account fees
  • 0% transaction fees
  • 0% deposit fees

…meaning 100% of your money will stay in your wallet.

Even if you fall victim to fraud, you’ll be reimbursed via a dedicated insurance program (but with our state-of-the-art security, it’s unlikely you’ll ever suffer such an event). You can even track spending, cashback, and rewards in the Elitium app.

It’s as familiar as any digital banking experience: except powered by blockchain — and enhanced by crypto.

Picking The Perfect Card For You

Everyone has different needs, which is why we’ve created three tiers of Elitium Cards. 

The levels come with a range of cashback and rewards — still, each card is free to access, with the only requirement being how much EUM you hold.

The Black Card

The Black Elitium Card is the entry-level option. 

It’s entirely free with no minimum balance requirement. There are 0% fees across deposits, transactions, and withdrawals while you can get up to 6.5% annual staking rewards.

Even the Black Card offers a full digital IBAN account gateway with flexible spending limits, an internal fiat-crypto exchange, and a suite of DeFi applications. It also supports Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay — with 5% cashback on UberX, Booking.com, and Apple.

The Metal Card

The Metal Card is our mid-tier card with a minimum balance requirement of 5,000 EUM.

It includes the same benefits as the Black Card with an additional 0.5% cash back on anything you buy (and 10% cash back on Apple purchases).

The Metal Card feels more exclusive by virtue of the fact it is metal. But it also comes with additional benefits such as discounted stays at luxury hotels, half-price wellness treatments, and 5% cash back on superyacht charters.


The Diamond Card

The Diamond Card is the ultimate in luxury crypto cards.

It’s a metal card with a real diamond embedded in each one. And there are just 18 in existence (with eleven left to claim). 

If we have a diamond card available, you’ll get rewards like 1% cash back on all purchases, 25% annual staking rewards, an extra 10% cashback on an array of partner services, and one free wellness treatment per year.

You can request a Diamond Card by investing 100,000 EUM in an Elitium Masternode.

Your Elitium Crypto Debit Card Awaits

With three tiers to choose from and a host of partner benefits on offer, we’re confident you’ll find the right Elitium Card for you.

When you do, you’ll discover a new way of living:

  • Spend EUM, BTC, ETH, XRP, and eight other cryptos worldwide
  • Enjoy exclusive access to luxury airport lounges on every continent
  • Discover unique travel experiences in uncharted territories

Pocket the world’s only luxury crypto card and get the most value out of twelve different cryptocurrencies.

Start spending on your terms, wherever you are in the world.

Get early access to your Elitium Card: create an Elitium account today.