New This Week: Fractionalised Masternodes Are Coming To Elitium

Masternodes are a powerful way to generate outsized returns.

If you run an Elitium masternode, you can generate up to 26% in annual EUM rewards. Which is why they’re such a popular digital asset.

That said — if you want to run a masternode, you first have to set aside a 100,000 EUM deposit, used as collateral, before you get the right. That’s because these nodes play a pivotal role in Elitium’s network. And we need to know we can trust the operator.

Clearly, the upfront cost is a limiting factor for many. But with fractionalised masternodes, you can reap the rewards for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s how they’ll work.

Fractionalised masternodes: low-cost, high-yield NFTs

Elitium will fractionalise each masternode using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In essence, users will be able to buy a token representing a percentage of one masternode. They’ll then receive a share of the masternode’s rewards.

The setup makes masternodes more accessible to your everyday investor, all without compromising on the rewards. And it gives the most loyal members of our community an attractive way to play a more active role in Elitium’s future.

The precise details are yet to be finalised, but here are a couple of examples of how each fractionalised masternode could work:

  • Standard: 1,000 NFTs @ 100 EUM each — the NFT will grant a rewards boost, coupled with exclusive perks (early access to the Elitium Card, perchance?)
  • Premium: 100 NFTs @ 1,000 EUM each — the NFT won’t only grant higher rewards, it could include free access to all NFT BAZL events


One important note: the APY of each masternode depends on network activity, so it’s impossible to give an absolute figure.

But the busier the network, the better the rewards for all involved.

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