‘Do’s and Don’ts’ when using Elitium

3 years ago

At Elitium, we’re building an ecosystem that will be around for many years to come.

That means we’re looking for users who approach our industry with an open mind and a progressive attitude: after all, success will mean success for us all — so, put your best fit forward and let’s all enjoy what’s to come.


  • Complete your identity verification
  • Buy, Stake, Hold & Trade EUM
  • Learn about our technology
  • Invest with the long-term in mind
  • Refer your friends (& earn)
  • Follow us on Instagram and Twitter
  • Join our Telegram channel
  • Read our blog
  • …and ask our team lots of questions!


  • Chase short-term gains
  • Ask for airdrops and giveaways´
  • Expect an ICO
  • …that’s about it!

We’re out to change how people think of cryptocurrency — when you’re ready to be part of the blockchain revolution, click here and create your account today.