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How to tokenize my business?

3 years ago

Tokenization is the process of creating digital shares that represent a real-world asset. You can tokenize hotels, superyachts, pieces of art, even technology. And the process allows companies to sell digital shares to accredited investors, making it easy for any business that owns valuable assets to raise funds via a quick, efficient, and legally-compliant process.

How To Tokenize A Business?

Thanks to Elitium Capital, tokenization is a simple three-step process.

  1. Decide Percentage To Sell: share details of your business with Elitium Capital, who will check your assets are fit for tokenization, and if yes, we’ll help you clarify what percentage of your asset(s) to sell.
  2. List Digital Shares: the Elitium Capital platform then turns your asset(s) into digital shares, listing them to our existing client-base of institutional and private investors.
  3. Receive Funds: Once the share sale ends, Elitium Capital distributes funds via a transparent, compliant process hosted on a project-specific blockchain.

How To Attract Digital Share Investors?

Tokenization is only the first step. After you tokenize your business, you need to sell the digital shares. You can do this by pitching your asset to Elitium Capital’s investor network, detailing why they should buy a stake in your business. You should include information like how much you’re looking to raise, the projected return, and a breakdown of the potential gains (e.g., dividends versus capital gains).

Benefits Of Tokenizing Your Business?

There are several benefits to tokenizing your business. First-and-foremost, it gives you an efficient and straightforward way to raise funds quickly. Better still, you can track the fundraising process on a project-specific blockchain to see how close you are to hitting your funding target. Details include how many people have invested, the average investment amount, and the projected completion date (based on investment activity).

Tokenize your business with Elitium Capitalcontact the investment team today.