Digital shares

How to buy digital shares online?

3 years ago

Before we look at how to buy digital shares online, let’s cover the basics.

Digital shares are the blockchain equivalent of traditional equity shares. Each digital share represents a unit of ownership of a real-world asset (a luxury hotel for example), with ownership rights stored on the blockchain.

Digital shares give companies a quick, convenient, and legally-compliant way to raise capital by leveraging blockchain technology — while accredited investors can buy digital shares in emerging asset classes to diversify an investment portfolio and capitalize on the potential value growth of real-world goods.

How To Buy Digital Shares?

There are several digital share platforms where you can buy digital shares. Most use third-party software to enable the buying process, and you may want to avoid such platforms. On the other hand, Elitium Capital uses in-house technology to power its digital share sales, making everything much simpler and safer for all.

To buy Digital Shares on Elitium Capital, all you need to do is:

  1. Find an investment opportunity that matches your risk-reward profile
  2. Review the investment prospectus to understand the details
  3. Pass KYC on Elitium and become an accredited investor
  4. Confirm how many digital shares you wish to buy
  5. Click ‘Invest’ to confirm your purchase
  6. Trade or sell your digital shares whenever you want

How To Sign Up For Elitium Capital?

Elitium Capital is due to launch in mid-2020.

It will be available to accredited investors and institutions at launch. And you’ll need to verify your identity with Elitium before you can participate in a digital share sale.

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