Can I buy EUM using the dashboard?

3 years ago

Yes, you can purchase EUM directly from your dashboard. You can even use your credit- or debit card as a payment method, like you are used to from other online purchases (besides also swapping many other cryptocurrencies).

There is no need to use a 3rd-party exchange where EUM is listed on. However, all EUM you purchase via our dashboard comes from liquidity pools of our partner exchanges, in order to provide best market conditions. We have included this integration so that purchasing EUM becomes simple & easy for you, and so that you do not have to create accounts on 3rd-party platforms to become part of Elitium.

All you have to do is sign up, verify your identity, and you’re set.

  1. Create your account here
  2. Click ‘Buy EUM’
  3. Purchase as much as you want

…it’s that simple.