Elitium App Review

In-Depth: Reviewing Progress Of The Elitium App

The Elitium App is a massive piece of the Elitium puzzle. 

Ultimately, it will become the gateway to our Digital Economy. But how has it been progressing in recent months? And what does the future hold?

Let’s cover those two questions — and more — right here, right now.


What’s Included In The Elitium App

First, let’s look at what you’ll find in the Elitium App.


A Personal Dashboard

Every user will have access to a personal dashboard. 

This overview will include typical features like personal information management and in-app preferences. But it will also offer a real-time overview of spending: both within the Elitium Digital Economy as well as on the Elitium Card itself.

If you want to top up your balance, you’ll be able to buy EUM using your credit card. And you can deposit — or withdraw — funds using any account you like. At launch, you can start staking right within the app.

In time, you’ll see a live tally of any cashback rewards you’ve earned as well.

Launch Date: Basic dashboard functionality to go live in Q3, 2020.


Elitium Suite

The Elitium Suite will offer a curated marketplace of luxury products and exclusive experiences.

Users will be able to access what they want in just a few clicks. And pay for it all using both EUM and preferred local currencies. Interested in a sub-ocean hotel escape? Or a Himalayan ski adventure? 

You’ll find countless money-can’t-buy experiences, right in the Elitium Suite.

Launch Date: To go live with select launch partners in Q1, 2021.


VERA: AI-enabled Concierge

Vera is Elitium’s very own Virtual Executive Robot Assistant. 

She exists to help with all your Elitium needs, keeping life simple thanks to artificial intelligence. When she’s working in full-flow, you’ll be able to:

  • Ask her questions about Elitium services
  • Make, update or cancel bookings
  • Request select concierge services
  • Get pre and post-sales support

We have grand visions for Vera (admittedly, much of her functionality will take some time to arrive). 

However, we plan to have her up-and-running by the end of 2021.

Launch Date: To go live with foundational machine learning capabilities in Q3, 2021.


What’s The Latest Update?

As you can see, the bells and whistles of the app likely won’t launch this year. 

But we are in the final stages of development. We expect to put a Beta-version live on both the App Store and Google Play by September 2020.

When you download it, you’ll be able to manage your account and stake EUM for up to 6.5% rewards, right within the app.

Want more details? Click the link to see the full Elitium App roadmap.