Five Ways The Elitium Card Makes Your Money More Secure

Five Ways The Elitium Card Makes Your Money More Secure

If you hold your money in a bank account, the bank must remain both solvent and secure to guarantee your funds are safe.

There’s a fair degree of peril in such a position.

Store your funds on the blockchain, on the other hand, and your position becomes a whole lot stronger. In truth, the blockchain — and so the Elitium Crypto Card — brings a host of benefits that guarantee your money is secure.

Here are the top five.

1. A Super Secure Framework

First and foremost, blockchains are as secure as computer systems get. 

They store transactional information across a network of distributed devices on a public ledger, making it near-impossible for someone to infiltrate the system, break or alter a record, or get away with a crime.

This all-but-protects your funds from thieves. It could even stop fraudsters in their tracks as the blockchain’s public nature means they know they’ll always get caught.

2. Anonymous Transactions

Second, the blockchain provides a degree of anonymity. 

The wider world will only ever see the public wallet address of an account holder. And that’s it. So no bank manager will ever know the face behind the funds, who is wealthy and who’s not — while anonymous transactions will let you do what you want with your funds.

3. Account Independence

There’s always the risk of human error when you entrust your money to a bank. 

A misguided button click or a poorly maintained firewall could see funds disappear in seconds. In contrast, if you store your money on the blockchain, you can rest easy knowing that no bank, government, or third party can touch your funds.

Only you can access your account. Meaning the level of access and security is entirely up to you.

4. Unlimited Balance Insurance

Let’s be realistic: when you store your money in a bank account, you know it’s relatively safe. At least, a certain proportion is.

  • In Europe, up to €100,000 is insured on any given account
  • In the United Kingdom, that number is £85,000

That gives a level of protection to most account holders. Still, it’s not the perfect solution — especially for those who have more savings. Choose to hold your funds in an Elitium wallet, on the other hand, and you know all your funds are insured.

5. Additional Fraud Insurance

This last one isn’t blockchain-related per se. But it’s a security essential. 

Every standard-issue card offers insurance against fraud and other malicious activities. The Elitium Card is no different.

If you suffer any fraudulent transaction on your card, simply get in touch with the team — and we’ll resolve the issue in no time.

Make your money secure: only ever use the Elitium Card.